Sentry safe replacement key

Updated: June 16, 2023
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Sentry safe replacement key
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Safes are often used in offices and homes to protect valuable goods from third-party access. But it’s not rare when the owner may lose keys, so they start to pick the lock on a Sentry safe.

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Lock types

There are only three types of lock for a Sentry Safe: the key (physical) type, electronic option, and combination type. The most common is the basic Sentry safe key. But if you want even more protection, you can choose electronic or combination type.

There are even options when you can additionally incorporate a physical key mechanism into those models. It's recommended to have multiple locking options. Rarely, the physical lock may glitch, leaving you no options to open the safe.

Lost your key or combination?

Sentry safe replacement key

If you lost the key or forgot the combination to the electronic lock, contact Sentry representatives. Beware that you need to verify your identity and confirm the ownership. Otherwise, they refuse to help you unlock the device. It’s a security measure for a Sentry safe key replacement.

Troubleshoot 1 - use replacement key troubleshoot

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You can order multiple Sentry safe keys while buying the safe. Check if you have spare keys or buy replacement keys at Sentry Safe. Multiple third-party shops may try to sell you different replacement keys, but we don’t recommend buying them there. There are no warranties that they are genuine.

Troubleshoot 2 - if the keyhole have been damaged

Sentry safe replacement key

If you use your physical Sentry key, but the safe refuses to open, you face a damaged keyhole. It can signal two things: someone has tried to crack the lock with external tools or the tumblers inside the keyhole were harmed by a severe accident. Contact Sentry support on their website or call a hotline at 1-800-828-1438. They will give you additional instructions on opening and repairing a safe.


How can I get a replacement key for the Sentry safe?

Reach customer support: fill in the form for a key recovery process and wait until Sentry representatives check your identity. You can also call a hotline at 1-800-828-1438 during weekdays from 8 am. to 5 pm. Central time.

What to do if I lose Sentry safe keys, and forget a lock code?

Contact Sentry support and confirm your identity. They will send you new replacement keys for an additional fee.

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