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The achievements of the Lenovo Chinese brand are obvious. The company broke into the leader of the global laptop market in just a few years. Aggressive pricing, smart innovation solutions, and, of course, a clear understanding of consumer desires allow Lenovo to achieve new successes. Although their products are classified as reliable and durable, malfunctions still occur. And the best way to fix a Lenovo laptop is to contact Howly.

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Why turn to Howly? We’ve boasted certified professionals who have years of experience in Lenovo laptops troubleshooting. What’s more, they provide 24/7 support for any laptop model. Howly experts know what can cause breakdowns and offer the best solutions to any Lenovo laptop issues. In addition, our specialists repair computers online via a remote connection to your device, which allows them to fix the problem as quickly as possible!

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People who assist you

People who assist you

We are confident that our experts are the best professionals you can meet on the web. They are top economists, beauty consultants, electronic engineers, and other specialists who have real superpowers to solve problems at a distance. Everyone who chats with you on Howly has successfully passed our 4-step verification and proven their competence. Now they are here to provide you with real expert answers and working solutions.

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Widespread Lenovo laptop problems

If you suspect any malfunction in your Lenovo laptop, it’s better to entrust its diagnosis to Howly professionals. They will competently identify the problem and fix it quickly, saving you both time and money. No matter what problem or system error prevents you from enjoying your laptop, we can handle it! Technical skills, extensive knowledge, and vast experience allow our experts to create the most effective Lenovo laptop troubleshooting guide. Among the thousands of Lenovo problems that Howly specialists solve, there are 10 most common ones:

  1. Power button isn’t responding;
  2. Touchpad isn’t working;
  3. OS boot problems;
  4. Wi-Fi connection issues;
  5. Fingerprint sensor problems;
  6. Black screen of death;
  7. Lack of hard disk space;
  8. Headphones connection issues;
  9. Keyboard isn’t working;
  10. Malicious programs slow down Windows.

Feel free to contact Howly whatever computer problem you have. Our skillful experts will give you personal advice and optimize your laptop quickly and efficiently!

Quick Lenovo laptop problems solutions from Howly experts

Have you ever repaired your PC online? This troubleshooting option has many advantages. First of all, it’s about convenience and simplicity. You describe your problem in a live chat and get an instant personal consultation. Thus, an expert gives you step-by-step instructions on how to solve Lenovo issues or fixes your laptop through a special program. Howly knows the solution to any breakdown!

Lenovo laptop troubleshooting online 24/7

No manufacturer can guarantee that the product you buy will work flawlessly. Indeed, your laptop is designed to cut its way through the competition and is assembled at a factory that produces thousands of similar devices every day. Keep in mind that an expensive brand should provide you with a high level of service so you can use the device comfortably for a long time. A good Lenovo laptop should work smoothly, but if something goes wrong, it’s better to fix the problem as quickly as possible. And that’s where Howly can help you. Fast and effective solutions to any Lenovo problems are guaranteed!

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Familiarize yourself with the top 3 questions from our customers:

How to fix Lenovo IdeaPad cooling system problems?

In some Lenovo models (especially from the IdeaPad series), the cooling system isn’t so good. Its modernization and repair at home are quite problematic. So when using a laptop, it’s important to follow the recommended operating conditions in order to prevent overheating.

An easy way to combat overheating is to regularly clean the parts of your Lenovo IdeaPad to remove dust and other contaminants. The frequency of cleaning is related to the operating conditions (pollution and average temperature in the room, the presence or absence of a cooling stand, and the surface on which you place your laptop). Depending on these factors, you should clean your device once or twice a year.

How to fix Lenovo stuck in the Boot Menu?

If your Lenovo laptop is stuck in the Boot menu, there’s nothing to worry about, as this problem is quite common. The reason may be:

  • Hard disk failure;
  • Software issues;
  • Other boot issues such as driver corruption, failed Windows updates, etc.

These are the main ways to fix the problem:

  • Automatic System Restore;
  • Disconnect all external devices on your Lenovo laptop and perform a hard reset;
  • Use Lenovo Diagnostics tools to resolve the issue;
  • Fix boot sector or boot configuration data (BCD);
  • Boot into Safe Mode;
  • Reinstall Windows;
  • Boot your laptop without losing data;
  • Reset BIOS to default settings;
  • Reset desktop Lenovo PC to factory settings.
How to fix the HDMI port not working on my Lenovo laptop with Windows 10?

There are several factors that cause an unstable HDMI operation. If the port isn’t working properly with your Windows 10 system, a problem may lie in the hardware, graphics driver, display configuration, or any other issue. So, try the following:

  • Check your hardware;
  • Restart and reconnect your devices;
  • Remove recently installed programs;
  • Adjust your computer screen settings;
  • Update or reinstall your graphics driver.