How to fix camera on Lenovo laptop

Updated: February 08, 2023
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How to fix camera on Lenovo laptop
by Oliver Maslou
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The owners of Lenovo laptops encounter this issue often. All of a sudden, their webcam fails to operate. It is not detected by Windows or does not respond. As luck would have it, it happens right before an important meeting or something.

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For these cases, we prepared a quick and good fix guide from our practice, so you will know how to fix Lenovo laptop camera. Take your breath and let’s begin.

Why is my Lenovo camera not working?

Disregarding the operating system version and model of your Lenovo laptop, the error could occur for various reasons. It could be operational or user mistakes, like your webcam being turned off in the Windows settings or being used by another application already.

Nevertheless, there is a majority of cases when software problems arise. For example, your privacy controls block the webcam or there are defective or late drivers.

Of course, you should not exclude cases when Lenovo camera lenses or other hardware components could be damaged. All in all, no matter which cause persists in your case, let’s fix it.

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop?

Before all actions on mending your camera, let’s turn on camera on Lenovo laptop.

To check it, hit the F8 button on your keyboard. If your laptop is newer than 2018, look for a switch around Lenovo camera lenses. Usually, it shutters the lenses while not used to impede malicious spying or protect from dust, but now check whether it is opened.

Another thing to check is the settings of the web camera programs. Zoom, Google Meets, etc. Look for the Integrated Camera option. Pick your Lenovo laptop camera as the default camera in the app.

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop

If the problem is still here, proceed to the following.

Check the camera in the Windows settings

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop

With the help of the Win button, settings in the main menu, or Windows Search open the Camera Settings. If the Lenovo camera is attached and detected by the system, proceed to the setting of the software you use for online communication, namely Microsoft Teams or another.

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If the camera is not detected, you need to install and update it.

Check the camera in Device Manager

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop

An alternative way to check if the Lenovo laptop camera is functional, use the Device Manager. If it is disabled there, it is disabled everywhere. See here how to do it.

  1. Open Device Manager, for example, via typing the name in the Window search command line.
  2. Enter Integrated Camera settings.
  3. Enable the device.

If it works, do not disable it. With Lenovo laptop camera not working, disable the camera and enable it again. In some cases, simple switching can resolve the issue.

Resolve software conflicts

If your Lenovo camera is lighted, it means it is already in use. Since only one app can engage the camera at a time, you need to find which app it can be and turn it off.

If you see no open programs, there is a chance that your Lenovo laptop camera is hacked by a malicious program. Immediately install, update, and run any antivirus software to check this assumption.

Modify the privacy settings

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop

Sometimes Windows can disturb the Lenovo laptop camera operation.

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  1. Open the settings through the Windows menu or the quick search window to get rid of it.
  2. Toggle on Allow apps to access your camera.
  3. Pick the apps you authorize for your camera with the same toggle.
  4. Test the Lenovo camera.

Update your camera

How to fix camera of Lenovo laptop

The problem can happen if the webcam is not properly installed. Get the latest drivers installed to fix a Lenovo laptop camera. Use one of the ways described below.

Lenovo website

You can check for the drivers manually on the Lenovo support page.

  1. Go to Lenovo's support page.
  2. Choose your device in the support category and click Detect Product. Lenovo Support Bridge software will arrive. You just need to download, install and launch this brand tool. It scans for all driver updates, including web cameras.
  3. Download and install the offered drivers. Restart your PC to make them work.

Windows updates

You can also do the work on your computer. To reinstall the camera forcefully, open Device Manager in the main menu.

Open Integrated Camera and pick Uninstall Device. Opt for deleting the Driver Software as well by clicking the checkbox.

Open the action menu for Scan For Hardware Changes. The webcam will pop up again.

Remember to restart your device to save the changes and make them work.

Uninstall the camera

As in switching between the Lenovo laptop camera on and off, reinstalling your camera would help solve the difficulty.

  1. Open Device Manager. In the Integrated Camera option, click Uninstall.
  2. Wait until the end and the operation. Windows should find and install the camera automatically.
  3. If it fails to do so, pick Action in the Device Manager and choose scan for hardware changes.

During the process, the camera will be unavailable. If the camera is not in the Device Manager, it could signify a more serious problem. In that case, address the service center how to fix camera issue in Lenovo laptop.

Add the camera to the antivirus exceptions

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Due to the risk of malicious software assault, some antivirus programs may block the camera automatically. You can enter the settings of your antivirus software and manually add the camera to the exception list. It is better to keep the antivirus enabled all the time.

Adjust BIOS settings

In some BIOS settings, the camera may be disabled for some reason.

Enter BIOS and look for Integrated Camera. You can do as follows. Your computer must be turned off.

  1. Press the Power button to turn the laptop on.
  2. When the Lenovo, ThinkPad, ThinkStation, or ThinkCentre logo appears, hit the F1 key several times. The laptop will give a signal to let you know that BIOS is launching.

In some models instead of the F1 button, try Enter.

  1. Once the menu appears, press F1 to access the BIOS.
  2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to Integral Camera settings.
  3. Select Enable and save the changes.
  4. Now you can boot your laptop as always.

Examine for any physical damage

The integrated camera could be physically damaged. To check the damages, thoroughly investigate the lenses. They should not be cracked or severely scratched. Press a little at the  camera sides to ensure that the connections work correctly.

If camera not working on lenovo laptop, contact the service center or the manufacturer. They will replace your camera or repair it depending on the warranty terms.


Lenovo offers online support through its website. You can download the Lenovo Support Bridge program or write to the support center.

While the software tool could help to look for and install the current drivers, the support center contains questions and answers to the most common issues.


Where is the computer's restart button?

Look for the power button in the manual on your PC. Alternatively, look at the top of your keyboard. Hold it for a while and wait until the device reboots. It takes several seconds to see the process starts.

How can I allow camera access?

Go to the privacy settings. Switch on the apps you want to allow using the camera. It is possible to allow camera access to chosen apps and deny it to others.

How to fix a blurry camera vision?

If your Lenovo camera is working correctly but transfers the blurry image, check the lenses. Sometimes dust, scrapes, or debris impact the quality.
If wiping with a soft cloth or a cleaning solution didn’t help, try system updates. It can be a software problem. Make sure you use the latest drivers for your webcam or laptop.
The last thing is to check whether your antivirus prevents the camera from working and scan any hardware changes. Use Lenovo manager to scan. And after eliminating any issues, restart the device.

Why can’t I access the camera settings?

Access rights are likely the reason the camera settings are inaccessible. Check for admin rights on your system and gain permission.

Wrapping up

Lenovo laptops very often suffer from undetected cameras. If you encounter this trouble, do not worry, it is easy to fix camera in lenovo laptop.

The solution might be different whether your camera went suddenly off or it’s not used from the beginning. It could be the wrong software settings, namely antivirus, BIOS, or Windows. However, cameras break and in this case, the fix will be through hardware mending.

Howly specialists are in touch 24/7. Contact us when you need it, and you will receive the fix instantly.

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no work camera broken
Rachel Wise
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I completed EVERYTHING above, and I spoke with a Microsoft professional for over an hour and a Lenovo guy for around 25 minutes. But they could not fix this problem for ever. Thanks, you helped A LOT.
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So simple!
Mary Wilkins
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On my ThinkPad, I was unable to get my camera to function. I tried everything that was suggested on forums and YouTube. even had further assistance with information lookup and troubleshooting. When I contacted Microsoft, they advised me to search my Lenova for a “switch,” which I couldn’t find anywhere. Unexpectedly, I pulled out a flashlight and a magnifying glass and discovered that the integrated camera’s “eye” can “slide.” I pushed this unremarkable slide to the left, and it immediately functioned!

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