Updated: April 05, 2023
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Not sure why I got charged $10.98 on last credit card account

Hello! My name is Dmytro and I will be assisting you today. May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Please describe your request with as many details as possible for me to get the whole picture of the situation.

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Had a charge of #10.98 on another credit card ending in ***** on August 5th. Why??

Please, tell who has charged you. And for what?

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Roku was listed as the vendor & it was charged to *****.


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it won't let me pasted a "snippet" from my bank acct

Could you, please, also specify what bank do you use?

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Capital One

Thank you.

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we gave roku to my parents for christmas but never got monthly bills before now
has that changed?

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I see. Thanks for clarifying.
We will figure this out.

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My parents said they didn't do anything because they hardly watch the TV anymore. Thought maybe they hit a wrong button?

Did you add any premium content from apps like Netflix of Disney+?

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they have watched some Netflix but I pay for that monthly

Did you or your parents receive any emails from Roku?

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can we just cancel this 10.98 monthly fee before I get another charge
I check their email for them once a month when I go home but never saw anything

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Is it possible that your parents could have subscribed to Roku TV?

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by mistake

I see.
Do you have the access to Roku now?

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My dad says no & he is one using the remote but I assume he did it without knowing? Yes, they do

Okay, we can try to cancel it online.

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I gave it to them & according to them they have not done anything so they should still have Roku
ok - and just keep the regular Roku - no special Roku TV

You can unsubscribe from your phone or PC, which one do you prefer?

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PC is fine


  • Go to my.roku.com on your computer
  • If prompted, sign into your Roku account
  • Scroll down and select Manage your subscriptions
  • Locate the channel under Active Subscriptions and select Cancel subscription
  • Select a cancelation reason to complete the process
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I will need to set uyp an account quickly

Why would you want that?
You have to use your parents' account.
Or you don't have access?

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My husband set it up for them but used my credit card

I see.
But did he use your email or someone else's?

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don't see any subscriptions. Guess I will have to ask my husband what he used

It would be great.

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he does not recall setting up an account & it was not this past Xmas but the year before. I just set up an account & no subscriptions are listed
not sure how Roku got my credit card information. I do pay their Netflix with that same credit card & have done so for a while
are the 2 services linked?

You mean that you have just set up a new account?

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I did - for Roku.

But you won't have any subscriptions because it is a new account.

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You have to look for that in your parents' account.

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they don;t have one. Can I give you my Dad's name to see if they can be found in your data?
I have his email too - will any of that help?

We are Howly - an online expert question and answer website that connects users with verified technical experts that can assist with any tech-related issue. We're not affiliated with Roku, we provide assistance regarding issues on the platform, but we don't have access to their databases, and therefore, can't change anything from our side. However, we're gonna do everything we can to help you.

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so you can't cancel this subscription? I know my parents & my husband did not set up any account. We bought the equipment & installed it.
Roku does not answer any questions

We can't cancel your subscription directly, because we are not Roku.
However we can help you to come up with options to solve your problem.

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do you know how a customer can get in toiuch with Roku custoer service?

Follow this link: https://support.roku.com/contactus and choose the first option.
Then log in and you should receive help from the Roku team.

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thank you for your time & help

Thank you for choosing our service!
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

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got it resolved!!! Yeah
thank you , thanks you!!!!

h I am so happy for you!
Do you have anything else to help with?
I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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