Updated: June 15, 2023
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I'm looking for a samsung phone that is compatible to the Yip Smart Tag

Short summary:

Check the compatibility list provided by Yip for their GPS device.

Consider choosing a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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I bought a Yip Gps for my dog. i realized later that I can not connect it to my Motorola android. I started looking for a Samsung phone that is compatable. I can not find a phone from the list of phones that Yip gave me that are compatible. I am wondering if there are some available from you.



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😊 As far as i know it works with Samsung Galaxy models

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Are you saying it will work with any Samsung galaxy phone.

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It also works with Apple devices

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So I can hook it up with any Samsung galaxy phone that is on the market

Yes i guess it will work with all more or less new Samsung Galaxy models

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Michael Lakin
June 19, 2023
I had anissue with my smart tag and samsung. Turns out my phone's bluetooth was turned off. Make sure to check your phone's settings.
June 15, 2023
I'm not sure which samsung phone to choose for my smart tag. Can anyone recommend a specific model that works well with it?

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