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  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Mac OS and applications
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Electronic & Household
  • Smart home
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Hanna Finley | Tech Expert & Writer | 28 years | Worcester, MA

Hi! I’m Hanna, a writer and a tech expert at Howly. And I love helping people with their technical challenges.

Nowadays, our life is so much dependent on technology! And it’s usually a great disappointment when something goes wrong with it. Good news – it’s when I can help. Sharing my experience with others and assisting people in fixing their gadgets is what I pursue in my work.


I suppose you could say I’m a nerd. Though my BS degree is not tech-related, I always thought that technology would somehow be a part of my life. My brother had a student job at a computer repair shop when I was a kid, and I used to follow him, trying to figure out and remember what he did to fix things. The fascination increased as I finally had access to the Internet with my first laptop and could Google anything and read more about how different items and systems around us were built and performed. I loved playing the “small fixer game,” which involved attempting to troubleshoot and repair any damaged items in the house. I also enjoyed reading the technology articles in Wired and Gizmodo and discussing the most intriguing ones with my brother.

After school, I made the decision to study Journalism, another interest of mine. At the same time, the world was digitizing and changing so rapidly that I felt the need to reenter the world of technology. That is why I took the effort to obtain a Technical Writer certification and began moving in that direction. I took several classes not just to improve my writing but also to better comprehend the subjects I was writing about. In my first position as a Technical Writer at a software company, I also got different tech certifications like Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), which helped me expand my knowledge.

Additionally, I started creating articles about technical issues for different websites and blogs.

Preparing the materials allowed me to learn more about various technologies and systems, from cutting-edge devices and software to robotic vacuum cleaners. Currently, I work at Howly, where I have a chance to share all that knowledge and get new experiences. So I will be happy to help you with any technical issues you might face!

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