Updated: April 04, 2023
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I want to chat someone but I don't want him to detect my location

An advisor told me that it is more safe to chat on telegram than WhatsApp. But I can't chat this person by telegram, is it safe to contact him by WhatsApp?

Hello, thank you for using our service, my name is Christine I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Whatsapp is less secure then telegram, and it's owned by meta who are known to provide data about their users to authorities and 3rd parties


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Ok, what about Messages app.

Well it's sms messages, the tach behind those is ancient and quite unsafe
Can you tell me why that person cannot use telegram?

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Basically, he doesn't have an account on telegram, but he has an account on Messages and WhatsApp. Even if I asked him to do an account on telegram, I will have to chat him on WhatApp to tell him to do so.

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Well, asking him on whatsapp to get the account won't be an issue, since after that you'll be using telegram

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I already chat this person on WhatApp long time ago when I was living with him, will he be able to detect my location because of the previous chats.

Unlikely, but just to be safe you could message them from a location that is not your home or a place you visit regularly

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What if I turn off the location to all apps while I message him on WhatApp? How will my safety issues be? Also I will follow your advice and to contact them from a location that is not my home. Also I have another suggestion: what if I messaged this one on Quora? How do you rate this suggestion inregard of safety and location?

Quora is pretty safe, also finding out what your account is- is rather difficult
As for the WhatsApp question: if you can just use another account, a "throw-away" one, use it and then delete it or change it to your usual one and you'll be fine:)

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Throw away account? Do you mean temporary account? Ok I will search on that matter and see what I can do.

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Just a normal account, just made for one use:)

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I will make throw away account on WhatApp to give him my account on Quora then I will ask him message me on Quora. Does that make sense?
Do I need to change my number to make throw away account?

Yes, that is advisable

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Okay, I will try this solution. 👍 Thanks for your advice

Glad to assist

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