Christine Tomas

Tech Expert & Writer 

28 years

Fall River, MA

Favorite categories: Computers, Networks.

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My name is Christine, and I’m a tech expert, consultant, and aspiring writer.

I’ve always known I’m a geek. Technique and robots were my passion from early childhood. I liked to sit near my father while he was repairing his car or our home appliances, trying to understand how all these systems worked.

The first computer was and still remains the best present I’ve ever got. That’s how I first discovered an amazing new world of computer software and hardware. When I was twelve, I understood that I would connect my future career with computer technologies.

So I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And I am proud to have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

I started my career path in my early 20 as a consultant in a company that provided tech support services. Answering users’ questions and helping them solve their technical issues, I deepened my understanding of computers and technologies. Then I worked as a System Administrator in different companies and learned more about complex computer systems and solutions.

Two years ago, I understood that I had another passion – to create useful and engaging materials about technologies.

So I started to write articles for different websites, blogs, and media. Now I’m happy to cooperate with Howly as a Tech Expert & Writer and have the possibility to share my knowledge with everyone who visits this website.