Updated: April 18, 2023
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I have an epson ET-2750 printer error 000023 shows up

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What troubleshooting have you done to your Epson ET-2750 printer so far?


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I turned the printer off, waited about a minute then turned it back on. I tried again, to copy something and the same error message came up. The printer is currently turned off.

Thank you for the details!
*****, could you please check your printer for the paper jam paper remaining?

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I am here, there is a paper jam under the printer head, I can't get some of the jam removed.

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That's the problem we need to fix!
To remove a paper jam from the inside of the printer please do the following:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord and any other cable.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the following areas.
  • Ink or toner cartridge access area
    Open the access door, move the carriage if necessary, and then remove any jammed paper. On some printers, you might need to remove the toner cartridge and/or imaging drum to access the paper jam.
    Under the paper path cover If your printer has a paper path cover behind the carriage, remove the cover, and then remove any jammed paper.
  • Input tray Pull out the input tray, and then remove any jammed paper
  • Bottom cleanout door If your printer has a bottom cleanout door, carefully lift the printer and look under it, and then remove any jammed paper from the bottom cleanout. Please, check all the possible places for jammed paper Rear access door Remove the paper path cover if necessary.
  • Replace any parts that were removed, and close any open doors.
  • Reconnect the power cord and other cables that were disconnected.
  • Turn on the printer.
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I removed the paper, hope I got it all Still here, trying to get the power cable from the back of my desk.

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Sure, take your time, *****!

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