Ivy Davis
Tech Expert and Writer
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University of Louisiana at Lafayette


  • Smart home
  • Smart TV
  • Home networks
  • Wi-Fi
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Software troubleshooting
Articles Published: 25


Ivy Davis | Tech Expert & Writer | 27 years | Lafayette, LA
Hi! I’m Ivy, and I’m happy to introduce myself.
Believe it or not, but work as a Tech Expert helped me achieve numeric goals and ambitions. Let me tell you a bit more. Firstly, I feel that I’m really helpful while directly communicating with people and assisting them. Secondly, I keep growing professionally. And finally, my job is never boring. So if you’re up for good tech advice, drop me a line, and let’s troubleshoot it together.


When I was 14, my parents assigned me to a tech club, and this event eventually changed my life. But let me start from the beginning. The age of 14 may not be the most conscious time. Speaking about myself, back then, I didn’t realize who I wanted to be, and my parents tried hard to give me a chance to try everything while participating in various specialized clubs.
My final choice was the tech industry. And so here I am, aiming to be helpful. Whenever a client asks a question, I try to feel myself in their shoes. I also estimate the stress level and behavior. It helps me realize that people need a careful attitude and maximum attention to their cases. And this helps me to preserve the balance between solving a problem and assisting in going through it calmly.
So yes, back then, when I was 14, I made the right decision for my future job, and now I’m proud to be part of dedicated Howly troubleshooters. Write us anytime – we’re always there to help.

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