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I have a canon mf4350d copy/fax/scan machine, every time I try to print their is a bang and the unit beeps and stops functioning

Is there any kind of reset for this? it says paper jam. but there is no paper jammed anywhere.

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What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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I pulled the plug hoping to reset. no good. I then disconnected from the computer. no good. there was a paper jam at one point when I had to print out 66 pages. all it would print was 6 pages max. now there is no jam and when I try to print their is a bang from the unit. help

Thank you for clarifying!
Do you see <PAPER JAM/OPEN REAR COVER> on display?

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at one point when this all started it did. But now it just says paper jam.

Thank you for the details.
Let's try the following:

  1. Remove the dust cover from the paper feeding tray.
  2. Remove the paper from the paper feeding tray.
  3. Open the rear cover.
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is the dust cover the plastic piece i use when printing envelopes?

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It should look like this:


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yes that's it. the back cover is opened.

Okay, good.
You don't have the paper in the feeding tray, right?

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Okay, good.
Here are the next steps:

  • Lift the scanning platform until it is locked (A), and open the printer cover (B).

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Okay, good!

  • Remove the toner cartridge from the machine.

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Top answer


  1. Remove watches and any bracelets or rings when touching the inside of the machine. These items might be damaged if they come into contact with the parts inside the machine.
  2. To avoid exposing the toner cartridge to light, place it in its protective bag or wrap it in a thick cloth.
  3. Do not open the drum protective shutter on the toner cartridge. Print quality may deteriorate if the drum surface is exposed to light or is damaged.
  4. Do not touch the fixing assembly (A) as it becomes very hot during use.
  5. Do not touch the transfer roller (B) as this can damage the machine.

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Here's what you can do:

  • Always hold the toner cartridge by its handle (A).
  • Hold the sides of the jammed paper and gently pull it out. Like this:
  • Gently pull the jammed paper between the fixing assembly (A) and transfer roller (B) until the leading edge emerges from the machine. Like this:


  • Do not touch the fixing assembly (A) as it becomes very hot during use.
  • Do not touch the transfer roller (B) as this can damage the machine.
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there is no paper in the unit

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Got it.
Just want to clarify: we need to go through these steps even if you don't have any paper there, because there may be some loose detail, which may cause the paper jam problem.
Okay, let's proceed further:

  • Hold the toner cartridge by its handle.
    The arrow on the toner cartridge should be facing away from you and pointing down.

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ok. the toner is installed.

  • Insert the toner cartridge into the machine as far as it will go.
    Align the guide on the left side of the toner cartridge with the groove inside the machine.

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it seated perfectly.

Okay, thank you for clarifying.

  • Push down the toner cartridge to make sure it is properly set in the machine.
  • Close the printer cover and lower the scanning platform.
  • Close the rear cover.
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the red error light is blinking

Everything seemed alright inside the printer, yes?

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It has just started blinking, right?

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no. it has been blinking since I turned it on.

Okay, now we can try another solution, which may be similar, but it will help us ensure that there is no little paper piece left in the printer which causes problems.
One place to check for paper jam you cannot see until to look behind a hinged plastic flap above the cartridge area. Remove cartridge.

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Above the cartridge area is a width-wide plastic piece, about 1 to 1 1/2 inch wide from top to bottom, hindged along the top edge, moves but is attached along the two lower corners of the piece by small springs to the housing of the machine.

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yes I know what you're describing and I see a little piece of paper behind it. I'm not sure how to reach it.

You cannot easily lift the plastic flap up to look behind it for paper jam until you remove the springs. You can use forceps to remove them. Tweezers may work. Don't lose them!

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I'm gonna try some tweezers. GOT IT!
~The machine is back together.

Once you remove the springs you can easily lift up the plastic flap and look behind it into the crevices for any paper.

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I use tweezers for the work I do. I got the paper out about 2" x !.5" Tested. seems to be working fine.

Okay, so the problem is resolved now?

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The only question I have is why it kept jamming after 6 pages printed out of 66. It did this about 10 times.
why wouldn"t it have happened after 1 page?

There may be many reasons for this. It seems that the printer somehow ripped one little piece of paper and stated it as jammed.

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Well. It's working properly like it always has. I thank you for your help.

Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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no, I think I'm in good shape now. Again, thank you. Have a good afternoon.

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