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Canon printers issues troubleshooting

Canon is mainly known for its cameras and printers. They are famous for their extra-fine quality. So, when the user faces Canon printer issues, it’s such a shock to them. But there is no reason to worry! Canon printer problems are easily fixable. All you need is a user-friendly guide and 20-30 minutes of your time.

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Canon printer problems that we can solve

Stick to Howly’s Canon printer troubleshooting guidelines, and you will fix any tech problem. Here is a list of possible issues our experts can help you with:

  1. Problems with the power cord;
  2. Connectivity issues;
  3. Paper jam;
  4. Canon printer refuses to print;
  5. Faded colors;
  6. Printing in black while you set color printing;
  7. Alert that says “No paper inside”;
  8. Printing stops in the middle of the process;
  9. Slow printing;
  10. Driver problems.

If you have one of those issues or any other problem with your printer that is not included in this list, you can troubleshoot the Canon printer in less than 30 minutes! Just write to us about your issue and get a customized, detailed guideline. Get expert advice on how to fix your Canon printer problems and free some time to drink a cup of coffee!

Frequently asked questions from Howly users

Howly team has already saved tens of thousands of Canon printers from being thrown out. We’ve gathered the 3 most frequently asked Canon printer problems our users struggle with and expert solutions to them in F.A.Q. block. Test them right now!

Expert canon printer troubleshooting

Canon devices have excellent quality. It’s the reason why the customers like them so much. In most cases, you don’t even need to go to the service to troubleshoot your Canon printer. They are so easily fixable that you can do this at home.

All you need is a detailed guide made by professionals just for you. Ask Howly anything about Canon printers, and we give you premier support service anytime, day or night. We work 24/7/365 to solve your issues!

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My expert was very patient and understanding with a very non tech savvy person

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I bought a new Hp laptop and was having problems getting Outlook to sync with my Outlook account. Specifically, Google would not accept my account password during the verification phase. I twice changed passwords to no affect. My expert was extremely helpful and patient in solving this issue.

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Here we have collected answers to the most popular questions about Canon printers issues from our users. Haven't found an answer to your question?

How to fix the Canon printer if it doesn’t respond?

Troubleshooting the Canon printer starts with apparent reasons why your device freezes. Connection issues on Canon printers are the most popular reason for this issue. Follow these steps:

  1. Check the connection to the power grid. Most printers still need electricity.
  2. Check if it’s turned on.
  3. Check the connection to the PC or phone.
  4. Check that the device has stable wi-fi if it’s wireless.

Most likely, one of these actions will solve your problem.

How can I fix my canon printer if it says, “No paper inside”?

  1. Check for objects on the rear tray. It could be a crumpled piece of paper or some third-party thing. Unplug your device from electricity and remove this object to fix the Canon printer.
  2. If there is nothing in the tray, check that the edges of the paper are aligned and the document is loaded in picture (vertical) orientation. If the sheets are not aligned properly, this can lead to a paper jam. And that’s why the device sends you various notifications.
  3. Change the paper. It could be too rough or too thin. Check the paper requirements in your Canon printer’s manual. Then change the sheets to suitable ones.

How to fix a canon printer when it prints with faded colors?

If you face a poor quality of printing, check the print heads. The ink could block them. The easiest way to fix a Canon printer that prints with faded colors it’s to change the cartridge.

But it’s an expensive choice, so start with using the official Canon printer app. Install it from their website and select “Clean the dried ink”. If the ink started to dry a few days ago, this action should help.

Attention! Don’t try to pick the cartridge with the needle. It can lead to massive ink spillage, which could break the device.

If you don’t use the printer for more than a month, you can’t save the cartridge, but you can still save the printer. Buy a new cartridge and use it every week. It prevents the ink from clogging.

And once again — don’t try to prick the cartridge. It may seem like an easy way to fix the device, but it mostly breaks it. Do the hardware troubleshooting of the Canon printer only with expert pieces of advice. Professionals already know the consequences of all repairing actions. They will give you instructions that perfectly suit your situation.

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