Updated: March 15, 2023
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How do I refill the ink on the smart tank 7301 printer

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Do you have a refill bottle/s with new ink?

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To refill your tank with new ink please do this :

  • Open the ink tank lid
  • Remove the plug on the tank you refilling
  • Grab your refill bottle
    -DON'T shake the bottle
  • Twist of the cap and remove the seal.
  • Put the cap back on
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ok done

  • Flip the lid open and put the bottle to the spout done
  • Push down on the bottle and refill the tank.
  • Make sure to watch the Tank while you fill it! Don't exceed the ink fill line!
  • Once it reaches the ink fill line remove the bottle and
    replace the cap.
  • Save any extra ink for the next time
  • Replace the plug, then close the lid
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thank you

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You're welcome
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