Updated: March 15, 2023
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How do I find out if my WhatsApp is being hacked or monitored?

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So the ex of my boyfriend knows literally everything we’ve been texting about. And he deletes his chats. So I am left with thinking that someone’s hacked my WhatsApp or my IG. And I want to make sure that its not the case but I just dont know how.



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And just in general I wanna know, what’s possible. And how can you protect your WhatsApp and IG from someone hacking into. I just recently installed two step verification on my WhatsApp, changed my IG password but I dont know if that’s enough?

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Once you finished setting up the Two-Factor Authentication, you will then be asked to type the 6-Digit PIN code every time you open your WhatsApp. This will give you more security and feel more at ease that no one can access your account aside from yourself

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I read online that WhatsApp randomly asks for the 6 digit pin, just so that the user doesn’t forget it. But I was asked for the code like 5 times the first 4 days. Is that normal?
I mean you just said they’ll ask me every time I open it so I guess that answers my question…?

It asks for the code when the app is totally closed and you open it

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Sorry for asking these questions but I’m literally paranoid. can anyone in this world see, if my phone has ever been hacked? Except for like the FBI in case of something happens? T-Mobile? Apple? Anyone?
can someone physically go through my phone and see that someone was on it through a different device?
Or all I can do is to just put two step verification codes on everything and hope that from now on, it wont be possible? All these hackers you can hire online its scary

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A programming-based hacking is the most difficult to carry out, so no worries, *****. If you have access to all your accounts and you have secured them with 2FA then your phone is secured

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Thank you so much. I appreciate it

When setting the 2FA make sure you will remember the code.

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no thank you

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