Updated: March 18, 2023
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How can I delete multiple apple texts at the same time on my Macbook Pro?

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You can delete several conversations at the same time. Select the conversations in the sidebar, Control-click, then choose Delete.

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My question concerns Apple texts and deleting them.
Yes. That technique works find when deleting text one by one. I have so many texts that it is not practical to delete so many using this method. Isn't there a combination of keys available to select all texts and then delete them all with one stroke like what is available using iPhone 13?

Select the messages you want to delete and hit the trash button in the bottom left corner. Then click "Delete Message". If you'd like to delete all messages in the thread, tap “Delete All” in the top left corner.

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okay. I'll give it a try

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Take your time.

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My problem using my 2016 MacBrook Pro is that I can only select one text, not multiple text at the same time like in my iPhone. What keys are used to select multiple texts at the same time.


You should press Cmd A on a Mac keyboard.

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okay I'll give it a try. Thanks,

Sure, go ahead ;)

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Sorry. No cigar. I'm holding both the Command key and A at the same time then trying to select text. It only selects one text at a time. If a click on a second text, the first one is unselected. So, no change.

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Got it, so the issue, that you experience in on the Message app, is that correct?

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When I use my iPhone, it easily selects multiple texts at at the same time and then delete using one try. Yes the issue I'm having is using iMessage Version 14

I see. Thank you for the information.

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MacBook Pro is running Monterey 12.6.1

To remove all texts, select the first one, press and hold Shift, then select the last one. They should all now be selected.
Also, you can try to: Press Option + Command + K, or you can right-click an empty space in the conversation window and select the Clear Chat Transcript option.

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I'll give it a try

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Keep me posted, please.

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Sorry, still no cigar. I'm pressing Option,Command,K and then try to selecting multiple text, but one one can be selected.

I see.
On the phone, it selects all of the messages?

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I guess it is find the correct key stroke combination is the key. Yes. On the iPhone the Edit option is available and it gives the ability to select multiple message and then delete

Yes, correct.

  1. Control-click or right-click the Messages icon on the Dock and select Quit.
  2. Open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder on the menu bar.
  3. Type in the following path and press Enter: ~/Library/Messages
  4. On the Finder window that then shows up, select the following folder and files while holding down the Command key:
  5. Drag the files into the Trash icon on the Dock. Or, control-click or right-click any of the highlighted items and select Move to Trash.
  6. Restart your Mac and re-open the Messages app.
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Wow. Is there not a key stroke combination available within Messages that allows deletion of text from within the program? Hard to believe every Mac user would need to go this route to delete more than one text at a time.
Thanks for confirming

You are welcome!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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I may contact Apple Community for support to confirm or maybe they can recommend a third party product that provides the same functionality offered on iPhone 13. Thanks for trying to resolve for me, but I want to keep probing for a better solution.

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