Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller
Tech Expert & Writer
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Jessica Miller

Tech Expert & Writer
University of the Pacific
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Wi-Fi
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Laptops
  • iOS and Android devices
  • Gadgets

Jessica Miller | Tech Expert & Writer | 36 years | Stockton, CA
Hello! My name is Jessica, and I’m and tech consultant and writer at Howly.
In my life, I have two passions: technology and helping people. And when they are combined in one, it sounds like my dream job. Howly is all about being valuable and caring, and that is what I like most about it. Just drop me a line, and I’ll help you with any of your tech concerns.

About Expert

Since early childhood, I knew that I was unlike others. While usual girls were playing some outdoor games or just dressed up their dolls, my best toy was my desktop. And what was even more strange about me was that I didn’t play computer games. Instead, I tried to launch various tests and watch all the data come together, giving some valuable results.
So my choice to become a tech expert was somewhat natural. However, with time I discovered my other passion — writing. Becoming a tech writer was my second-best choice. Thus I could both learn something new each day and also share my knowledge with other people.
By now, I have learned that the tech world is developing so steeply that sometimes even the most experienced and tech-savvy people can’t keep up with it. And indeed, ordinary users can face some issues on a daily basis. It’s when we, tech experts, should help. And I’m doing my best to be someone’s troubleshooter, always there and able to fix tech concerns in just a few clicks.

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