Updated: March 15, 2023
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Forgot the old pin number for my Voyager 3 tablet

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I have a Voyager 3 RCA tablet I had it for years and I got the PIN number and I can't get into this thing without the PIN number is it anyway that you can help me reset a PIN number in this thing I have five more tries and then it's going to cut off about 8 or 12 hours


So, your Voyager RCA is locked and you can not get through the start up screen, correct?

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The night comes on but if I say I can't I'm going off other than asking me for a PIN number and I put the pin I thought I had in there and it doesn't work

It asks you for the PIN right when you start up the tablet, correct?

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Yes like I said comes on but it says a little chart there hasn't tried pin number and I like I said I had it for about 15 10 or 15 years depend I put in there I can't remember

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Okay, understood.
You can perform a factory reset of your tablet, which will help you to get rid of the current PIN, but it will also delete all your data stored on the tablet. Is it acceptable for you?

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Yes all I wanted to do is get it to work

Okay, I'll tell you how you can perform a factory reset.
But keep in mind, that all data will be erased and you will not be able to recover the deleted data

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Let let's do it

  1. Press and hold thevolume up
  2. Press and hold power while holding the volume up
  3. Release power when the RCA logo comes up

Tell me once you've done so or if there are any troubles on the way, please

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It's still asking me for a pin

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You need to press and hold the Volume up and Power buttons at one time

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Do I cut the tablet off and start off again or what I tried it while I was on I cut it off and I powered it off I restarted it and it's still asking me for a pin

It needs to be powered off

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Okay let me try that
Okay I powered back on and I have the volume up and it's still asking me for a pen

I'm sorry, you need to turn off the tablet, and hold both Volume Up and Power at the same time, please

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Do I do this while it's off and screen is dark or black do I wait to the dog come up and I don't know I did what you said but the dog came up on the screen and I held her power button and the volume up at the same time and they still come up to start Android until your PIN

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Yes, you should do it while the tablet is completely turned off

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Okay I'll try that stand by
still doing the same thing. Asking me to put him up in number
I did it again and I got something here it's got Android recovery and it's got down below that .roebuck system now. and it's got on here but bootload applied updates from 80 wipe data factory set it will catch a petition mount system view recovery logs run graphic test power off I'm going to leave it on this screen what I do now. I got something different than I had ever before?

That's what we needed.
Please select wipe data factory reset.
Use power button to select

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I press what you said to do but it's got on this line here roebuck robot robot you know like a robot system now
Do I press that?

Select reboot system now

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It's not doing anything but I know it's on the last line it's got on here power off do I cut the power off and I just start up differently I don't know how to get the screen again

Could you please clarify, did it power off after you selected it?

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No I still got the screen in front of you but like I say it's got on these lines I can't press nothing you know how you would tap on icons I tapped all of the lines where I say do something that's not doing anything

I see
Please use your volume up and volume down buttons in order to scroll up and down and the power button in order to select.

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Do I stay on this cut it off and see if it'll start over like a new tablet please use your volume up

Could you please clarify what you mean?

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I scroll down and I'm on the wipe data out factory reset and tapped it with my little pencil and nothing happened

Please press the power button.

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Okay it's got on here wiping that out for matching. I it's doing all kind of stuff now ? it went back to the main screen up there where it says roebuck system now what I do what do I do now

After it went back to the main screen please select reboot system now

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I guess it's trying to boot up now
Let's give it a minute to see if it's going to do because it's taking longer to boot up now
It's working now I have to put all the information and ask got English and alitcome with a new phone You got to set it up

Could you please clarify if you need help with setting it up?

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I'm typing too fast and kind of throwing things off but what I'm trying to say is the tablet is working now that's put all the information in it

That's great!
Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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Thanks a lot

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