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Northern Kentucky University


  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Smart home
  • Laptops
  • Mac OS
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Bridge Stivenson | Tech Expert & Writer | 32 years | Lexington, KY
Hi! I’m Bridge, and I’m happy to be a part of Howly troubleshooters.
It’s all about helping and knowing that your activities benefit others. After all, having a successful experience with a tech specialist will convince you that there is someone useful to rely on.
So I do my best to solve every single concern people have and give them the best client experience they can count on.


I wasn’t passionate about becoming a tech expert from my early years. My first career achievements were connected to UX design and later to marketing. But while working in the IT industry, I understood there was more to it than just completing a set number of tasks in a specific domain.
Now, while working as a tech expert, I have to obtain knowledge of diverse devices, their functioning, and also on different domains of IT. Clients differ, as do their questions – so you never know which of your knowledge stack will be useful the next time.
Currently, I’m finally satisfied with what I do because I feel I can develop myself without limits in this place. And if you’re searching for an accurate and both quick solution, welcome to my chat. Here you’ll find any needed answers.

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