MacBook Pro issues troubleshooting

MacBook Pro computers are renowned for their quality and ease of use. Apple positions its product as a reliable, durable, and stable tool for professionals. However, like any other technical device, MacBooks aren’t immune from breakdowns. And troubleshooting Mac iBook problems is a job for specialists. It’s also important to choose a reliable service to get a quality repair. And Howly is the best option in this regard!

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Howly specialists are well-versed in Apple technology. No matter how severely your laptop is damaged, our technicians will fix your MacBook problems quickly and accurately. We offer certified specialists, true professionals in their fields. They work 24/7 to provide you with technical support whenever you need it. Tell us about your problem, and we’ll start solving it right away!

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People who assist you

People who assist you

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Expert solutions to MacBook Pro problems

As a rule, MacBook Pro malfunctions are the same, and they occur for a variety of reasons, often mechanical – dropping MacBook from the table, flooding it with water or coffee, breaking the charging cable – there are lots of examples. However, some breakdowns may appear due to the age and wear of laptop parts. Howly experts have compiled a list of the most common Mac problems they deal with regularly.

  1. Battery isn’t charging;
  2. One or more keys aren’t working;
  3. Screen color issues;
  4. Time Machine backup error;
  5. Software update problems;
  6. Bluetooth connection problems;
  7. Problems connecting to external displays via HDMI or Thunderbolt;
  8. Kernel panic error;
  9. Keyboard isn’t working;
  10. MacBook Pro is overheating.

Of course, these are not all MacBook Pro problems that Howly specialists face every day. The number of Apple laptop issues is much higher. Therefore, you can be sure that we will solve your problem easily!

Easy MacBook Pro troubleshooting

If you are a true fan of Apple laptops and constantly use your Mac for work, the slightest malfunction can put you in trouble. And ways to resolve Mac computers problems are strictly individual in each case, depending on the device model and the nature of the damage.

Solve common MacBook Pro problems with Howly

As you may have already noticed, there are quite many issues with MacBook Pro. It’s not always easy to find out why a problem occurs and how to fix it. Therefore, it’s better to contact Howly. Our experts will run accurate diagnostics, tell you about the true origin of the problem, and offer a quick solution. We provide simple and understandable step-by-step instructions to solve any computer breakdowns. Moreover, repairing MacBook Pro defects online takes much less time than in a service center. Millions of Mac users have already received help from Howly, and you may be the next lucky customer!

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We managed to compile a list of questions that frequently occur to Howly customers:

How to fix a slow-running MacBook Pro?

The most common reasons why a device runs slowly include:

  • Not enough storage space;
  • Outdated operating system;
  • Cluttered desktop;
  • Too many junk and temporary files.

To overcome these MacBook issues, free up space on the disk. Just perform a quick scan of what’s taking up space on your device, get rid of apps you no longer use, and delete temporary files and junk data.

The next step is to check if there are any updates for macOS. Tap the Apple icon, select System Preferences, and click the Software Update button. If any update is available, Apple will notify you. You can also tap Upgrade Now to download the latest version of macOS. After that, restart your laptop.

The last step is to clear the home screen. To automate the process, organize your desktop icons by clicking View > Sort By.

My Mac Pro battery is draining fast. What can I do?

This is a popular issue with all MacBook Pro models. To fix it, follow these steps:

  • Reduce Motion. To reduce screen motion on a Mac, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and click Reduce Motion. By disabling animations, you can save a significant percentage of battery.
  • Avoid running too many apps simultaneously. Working with too many apps and tabs may cause MacBook Pro issues, especially in terms of battery performance. To view power consumption on a Mac, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and click Energy.
How to fix sound issues on MacBook Pro?

If you can’t hear sound on your MacBook, the first thing to do is to make sure the volume settings are set correctly. If you’ve connected any external speaker to your MacBook, make sure it’s working properly. Also, try checking the sound in different apps to see what the problem is.

After basic troubleshooting, you can reset SMC and NVRAM on your MacBook to fix sound issues.