MacBook Pro Retina takes a long time to wake up from sleep mode

Updated: March 27, 2023
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MacBook Pro Retina takes a long time to wake up from sleep mode
by Vitalii Yovko
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Along with the high-quality appearance, the MacBook Pro Retina notebook has some unpleasant features in operation: from the moment you open the lid of the device, you have to wait for some time to start the computer, which is clearly noticeable when the password input window is on. In other words: your MacBook takes a long time to come out of hibernation mode.

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The main reason is that Apple developers have equipped the updated MacBook Pro Retina with an energy-saving function. Thanks to it, the PC works long in sleep mode, although it should work after an hour of inactivity of the device.

To get rid of this problem, we recommend using Terminal:

  1. Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, type Terminal in the search field, then click Terminal. Or, in the Finder , open the /Applications/Utilities folder, then double-click Terminal.
  2. Copy the command sudo pmset -a standbydelay 86400 in the Terminal. The end of the string should include the necessary time in seconds, after which the laptop will start working in power-saving mode.

To find out the time of standby in real time, enter the combination: pmset -g, changing the value of which will contribute to an improved experience of working behind the MacBook Pro Retina.

Remember, you do not need to connect USB and Bluetooth devices, memory cards, or external monitors to your device to make it work in the mode you created.

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