Updated: March 22, 2023
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My printer is offline and Im receiving an OFFLINE message regarding my H-P Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M477fnw

Consequently, I cannot PRINT

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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Not much of anything. Merely received a message from my printer supply status that "A non-HP supply has been installed." I have used non H-P cartridges for years. Print outs made today looked like I was low on ink - poor quality prints, so tried going into the small 2" x 4" window on my printer to make adjustments. Must have pushed too many wrong choices and am now dead in the water.

Thank you so much for this information.
Did you try to restart your HP printer?


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Yes. No luck.

What about resetting?

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Don't know what I need to do to "reset."

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Please, follow this way:

  1. Turn the printer all the way off button, home button, and one in the lower right corner of the screen (just hold the power button until you hear a beep or other noise, and then let go and it will just shut off).
  2. Turn the printer on, and immediately put your fingers on the return (u-turn) button, home button, and one in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the question mark button).
  3. Wait until the screen said Permanent Storage Init. You're good after that, it will reset.
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Did that, printer now Initializing . . . . now have the usual messages on the small printer screen, "Copy, Scan, Jobs, Fax, USB, Supplies, Apps and Setup. Would prefer to have you on "Hold" while I try to print something. Is this possible?

Of course!:) I am here with you.
How it goes?

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Okay. Put you into my "tray" while I test printed something . . . . No luck. Still offline. Message when clicking on Print states: "two messages waiting in que."

Could you try to restart your printer now?

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By merely pushing the on/off button? Or go through the process above one more time?

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Just push the on/off button.
And unplug it from the socket.

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Okay. Printer shutting down. Will wait a few more seconds then turn "on." Turned on. Waiting for printer to reach "Ready". Now putting you back into my tray and will attempt to print.
No luck. Earlier, I was looking in Windows at printer selected and the correct printer is selected from choices shown. Any other ideas?????

Did you get any error codes?

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No. Where would the error codes appear. I was in WORD attempting to print.

What finally happened?
No error messages?

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Zero. Notha.

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I see.
Could you try to go through that process one more time?

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How about disconnecting the printer from the power source and treating all this as new printer just out of the box and setting it up for the first time?????

Unfortunately, we cannot do this because the printer was already in use.

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So, you want me to try the on/off "Permanent Storage Init" as before????????

Just try to reset your printer again. If it does not help, we will try to follow another way.

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Okay. Scrolling back up to your instructions. Do not leave the building . . . THIS TIME, followed your instructions EXACTLY and put my third finger on the "Home" icon. Never did receive the, "Permanent Storage Init". Now going to try and print again. Hold on.
No luck. Took a look at Windows Devices and Printers to verify correct printer is selected. I have the correct printer selected; Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M 477fnw.

Have you changed cartridges?

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No, still using same cartridges I've always used. Have been holding off spending $560. for four new H-P cartridges. Is a cartridge change going to be my only alternative? Can you guarantee the $560. will solve my problem?
Will System Setup on my printer be an area to look into? Choices are: Volume Settings, Time/Date, Inactivity Timer/Energy Settings, Supply Settings, and such like.

Do you have a wired or wireless connection to your computer?

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Just noticed a wireless icon at top RH side of printer screen. I hit "Reset" at top LH side of screen. Going to try printing again.

Do you have the original cartridge?

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You mean an H-P cartridge? Answer = no. Printer has worked just fine with my non H-P cartridges, but it appeared that I might need some replacement no H-P cartridges as the colors on one side of the print out were leaning toward pink. Removed cartridges, gave them a good shake, cleaned then as best I could from the outside. Don't think this is a cartridge problem however as much as a pure and simple printer on line off line problem.

I understand. Is it still not printed?

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NO, printer will not print. I just ran a "Wireless Network Test Report." It indicates what we already know, "Wireless On/Fail." Also, "The wireless radio on your HP printer is currently turned OFF. To connect wirelessly, you must turn ON the wireless radio on your HP printer. Refer to the wireless menu.

Thanks. Press the wireless button on the printer to on/off the wireless radio. Once it is On, the light starts blinking. If the printer is connected to a wireless network, the light will be steady.

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just figured out how to reconnect to Wireless. Message on printer screen is now, "Connection established, SSID: Houseman1, Channel: 6." I now have printed the rest letters successfully that were waiting in the que. Hold on a moment please. Now printing successfully! I went into "HP Web Services and followed the directions for getting on line. Voila! Looks like all is well. Sorry for taking all your time this afternoon. You can now leave the building as far as I'm concerned. I am more than happy to pay one dollar for your services.

I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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