I was scammed and want to make sure I have protection

Expert: Aleksandr Kamennyi

Your Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself From Financial Scams

Aleksandr Kamennyi (Expert): Hello, thank you for contacting Howly! I am here to help you today! May I know your first name, please?

Customer: *****

Aleksandr Kamennyi: Nice to meet you, *****

Aleksandr Kamennyi: Could you please specify which account you’d like to protect?

Customer: Actually any that scammers might target

Aleksandr Kamennyi: I see.
Aleksandr Kamennyi: The best way to protect your accounts is to set up 2-factor authentification for your accounts (you will need to type a code from your phone when you are logging in to a service). It will protect your accounts from being hacked.

Customer: Ok. Good advice. Thank you.

Aleksandr Kamennyi: No problem! If you can specify which service you’d like to protect, I will try to provide you with clear instructions on how to set up it.

Customer: I’ve already alerted my bank accounts. So I think I’m good there. I was just wondering if you all suggested anything else to do.

Aleksandr Kamennyi: Got it!
Aleksandr Kamennyi: The 2-factor option is the safest nowadays and most services have this option.

Customer: Thank you

Aleksandr Kamennyi: No problem! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Customer: I’ll look into that. Thanks again. Good bye

Aleksandr Kamennyi: Anytime! Have a great day and stay safe!