Updated: April 26, 2023
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I've bought a K5161z mobile broadband dongle and the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app says it isn't in the list of supported devices for Windows 10

Short summary:

  1. Make sure you have installed the QuickStart app that came with the dongle.
  2. Download the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app from the app store and install it on your laptop.
  3. Launch the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app and check if the K5161z dongle is recognized. If not, proceed to step 4.
  4. Press the Windows key on your laptop, type "Mobile hotspot" in the search field, and open the Mobile hotspot app.
  5. Turn on the "Share with other devices" toggle switch.
  6. Check if you can select the K5161z dongle in the "Share my internet connection from" list. If not, make sure the dongle is plugged in and turned on.
  7. Set the network name and password for the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  8. Verify if the Wi-Fi hotspot is working by checking if it appears in the available Wi-Fi networks on your phone or other devices.
  9. If the Wi-Fi hotspot is working fine, you can connect other devices to it using the network name and password you set.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Did you install the Vodafone software?

Customer Replay

I did. It says it can't find a mobile broadband device
The stick is in the port and flashing blue.
And the install software is working or I wouldn't be online

So you can currently access the internet using K5161z, but it didn't recognize in the app?


Customer Replay

Correct. And I need to connect other devices into a WiFi voa the dongle
That's why I got it
The app has a list of recognised devices with Windows 10 and the K5161z isn't in the list.

Did you install the software from device or download it separately?

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There's QuickSTart app from the dongle, then I downloaded the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app from the store since instructions say I need it to connect in other devices?
I have both now

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It should work with a quick start app, but Vodafone Mobile Broadband app can be uncompatible with it.
Please clarify, do you want to use it as Wi-Fi router to share it's connection to other device like phone?

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Yes please, if you can explain how to do that would be great

Okay, do you have a laptop or desktop PC?

Customer Replay

Laptop - you mean this one with the dongle in it I assume?

Top answer

Yes, correct
This K5161z device is a USB modem it can't operate as a WiFi hotspot
But, you should be able to share the internet connection from it via the laptop Wi-Fi

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Um. Thanks. How? :)

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Into the Windows 'Type here to seatch field' enter 'Mobile hotspot'
And open the Mobile hotspot app

Customer Replay

It opened settings. I turned 'Share with other devices' to ON ..?

Check if you can select K5161z in the 'Share my internet connection from' list

Customer Replay

Is this supposed to be an app, sorry?
I'm in settings - am I supposed to look elsewhere for the list
Or download an app?

The settings should be set like in this picture:


Customer Replay

Mine looks a little different but says share from Network6 which I believe is what the current connection is called
But it's greyed out so I can
't actually chose

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In the Mobile Hotspot you should see Network Name and Network Password

Customer Replay


Check if your phone for example see the network in available Wi-Fi list

Customer Replay

No. I just looked I'm afraid not

You can temporarily switch Hotspot off, to make changes

Customer Replay

On my phone or laptop?

On a laptop
There is also button edit to change Hotspot name and password you can click on it and set the name and password for Wi-Fi

Customer Replay

I did, thanks, and now it has appeared in the list
on my phone

Great! Try to connect to it on your phone to check if it working fine

Customer Replay

And I have WiFi! Great, thanks very much - I can pass this to the others now,
Thanks so much for your help, that was exactly what I needed to know

I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Before you go, is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Customer Replay

Just - I assume I can therefore uninstall Vodafone mobile broadband app?

I whould not recomend that, it may contain some necesary drivers for device

Customer Replay

Thanks again, no other questions. Thank-you for your time

Thank you for choosing our service!
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Have a nice one!

Customer Replay

Bye, . Happy Easter

Thank you! You too, *****!

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