Updated: April 07, 2023
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I purchased a NEW Linksys Atlas 6 wifi router this morning at Best Buy

I have it connected to a brand new Arris surfboard connected to my Internet provider. I get as far as the "solid pink" light... and there it STOPS! Now what do I do?

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Could you please tell me which steps have you already taken while setting up your router?


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Removed Nod from the box; Attached to electrical power source; attached to Internet modum. The Lynksys Nod starts at Blinking blue light. Nod changes to solid Pink. It stops there...

Did you install Linksys app on your phone or tablet?

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Yes. I logged in, it started gave me instructions. I had to change my Log-in password... because I forgot to include a "special symbol" in my password. Logged in, started the process. My cell phone sits next to the Nod... and I'm sitting in front of the computer. I see

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Could you please try to powercycle the device. To do this, power OFF the router, unplug the power cord and wait for 60 seconds before plugging it back in.
So, when you Launched the Linkys app > Clicked Bluetooth > then accepted agreement
After all that it didn't connect to your device?
Setup should looked for your node after accepting the agreement of Terms and Conditions

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Correct. I accepted the terms, etc. Changed my password... turned the Nod off and turned it back on BUT my bluetooth Apple iPhone 11would not recognize the Linksys Nod...

Got it! Thank you
After creating an account and setting it up. Did it send you a link to your account?
Also try to search your Linksys in Wi-Fi Settings

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No. I received one e-mail from Linksys telling me that "You need to reset your Lynksys password. Which I need. No other e-mails received...

Got it
Can you look for Lynksys in Wi-Fi settings?

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The "Lynksys" instructions said that I needed to re-set the Nod.... which I have just did, AGAIN.

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Got it
Do you mean Lynksys is not working right now? Please look for your router’s Wi-Fi name in Wi-Fi's settings in Iphone

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It now says "Creating" the account.

Got it
Is there a button to log into existing one?

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NOW it says, "Success! You have set up this Nod. "Add a nod" Which I will do next. I'm ready to take the next Nod down stairs & install it. With your permission I will leave you and go downstairs to complete the job. Shall we part company at this time? I THINK I can now swim alone...

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