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Samanta Jones | Tech Expert & Writer | 30 years | Worcester, MA
If you’ve faced some tricky questions and desire to solve them in the shortest time, then welcome to my page. Tech solutions are usually tough and confusing and usually take long hours to solve. But not when you choose me as an expert. I know how to help you in minutes – enter my chat and check it yourself.


When I was a child, my top hobby was disassembling electronic devices. I liked watching how they worked and how all the tiny details were fitted and connected to one another. I also liked putting these devices together. However, not always successful 🙂 It was a challenging game for me. But also then, I understood that becoming a technician sounds good to me.
Since 13, I was assured that a technical career was what I needed. So I graduated from a university as a software engineer and worked for 3 years in my friend’s startup. But soon, I realized that I wanted more than code writing.
Being a tech expert, I have the chance to work with diverse branches of electronics and technology. And I have a burning desire to use my knowledge to solve any case people have in the shortest terms.

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