Updated: May 03, 2023
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I need help setting up my Brother printer to print a single check

It does ok when I put an entire page into the tray but it wont grab just one or two checks. Am I missing something simple, or is there a different way to do it?

Short summary:

  1. Put a full page of checks (up to 3 checks) in the tray and print a test page to ensure the printer is functioning correctly.
  2. Place the check paper closest to you in the tray and set the paper scaling to "actual size" on the printer.
  3. If the printer still won't grab the check paper, try feeding the check paper through the top document feeder.
  4. If the printer is still not working correctly, reset the printer's settings and update the printer's drivers with the latest firmware.
  5. If you need to print an envelope or other formats, choose the appropriate format in the software and feed the paper through the top document feeder.

Hello, thank you for contacting Howly! So the Brother printer doesn't take last two papers in tray?

brother printer

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correct. I put a full page of checks in, and it prints the 1st ( top ) one, but then if I just need to print one check, and place it into the tray it wont grab the check

it grabs a piece of blank paper underneath the check

Can you specify the model of the printer please?

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i didnt know if i needed to feed it thru the top of the document feeder or not

let me look, do you know where i can find it on the machine?

There should be sticker on the back or on the sides of the machine

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ok on the front i found TN-223BK/C/M/Y

to the right it also had TN -227BK/C/M/Y

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Just to clarify, the first paper prints with no issues, but then the printer doesn't recognize all other tray of paper?

Or the printer prints the whole tray with no issues but the last papers are not recognized?

Customer Replay

when i put a full page of checks which is 3, it prints the top check just fine. But if I only place a 2 check page or a single check into the tray it moves the check paper aside and grabs the next blank piece of paper below the checks and prints on that instead

Okay, thank you for the clarification!

Customer Replay

i sometimes only need to print a single check. in that case it doesnt grab onto or print on the check, but the paper behind it instead

Got it, thank you!

Customer Replay

unless im putting it into the wrong part of the tray perhaps

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Can you tell me if you choose paper scaling when printing?

Customer Replay

im not sure offhand i can check ...what should it be set to?

Try different scaling options to see if it will grab the paper

Customer Replay

under scale options it has 3 options, print to fit area, actual size or 100

which do u think would be best to try?

2 checks are in the tray now closest to me, not deeper into the machine.

Choose the option "actual size", please

Customer Replay

also do you know if i should be placing the checks closer to me or further into the machine? Basically which end?

i had that set to printable area...changed it now, but what end would you put the checks into?

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Closer to the machine

Customer Replay

ok it printed on a blank piece of paper underneath it, and spit out the paper printed copy then behind it came the checks, blank

Got it, do you remember when was the last you encountered the issue?

Customer Replay

I've never printed checks before, so this is the 1st time. It will print the top check of a full page of checks fine, but anything less than a full page it wont grab

Let's test the printer again

Place a document with text or an image on the flatbed or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the Brother machine and make a copy.

Customer Replay

ok that copied just fine

Great! That means you need to update the printers drivers/reset the printer's settings

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Top answer

Please, follow the provided steps, John

1. Press and hold the power key on the control panel to power off the machine.
2. Press down the GO button and power the machine on.
3. Keep pressing GO until the Toner, Drum, and Paper LEDs are on.
4. Release GO. All LEDs will be off.
5. Press GO ten times.

Customer Replay

quick question...if it printed fine, why would that indicate an update of drivers is needed?

Because if the hardware aspects are fine - we should work on the software side of the issue

Customer Replay

its prompting me to do a firmware update now so i did that

is the Go button the same as the power button though?

Customer Replay

"program updating" now its a flashing screen

it rebooted and seems ready back to normal home screen

Great! I recommend you reboot it again and try to print the check again now

Customer Replay

after it completed the 1st time, it showed firmware update vaailable, so I did it again and i believe it rebooted twice at this point

ill do a test print now

omg it worked BUT

i put the paper closest to me on the other side of the trsay the 2nd time and presto it grabbed only the check

Great job!

Customer Replay

i still set to actual size and needed the firmware update, so everything is good to go I believe!

thank you!

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