Updated: March 22, 2023
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I have to reset my modem every day

I have Internet access on my phone but not on my TV why is this it’s very frustrating when you unplug and wait and unplug and wait and then plug it back in and it still doesn’t work I pay for this service every month I should not have to reset every day

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May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you, *****.

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I have to reset my modem every day today


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Ok I got you, how long are you owning this modem?

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Less than a year

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Got you. What does your provider say to you? Have they sent to you any repair specialist to check it for any defect?

No Haven’t talked to her brighter since I went in there last year to pick this up
Him or her
The technician came out and hook them up for me and check my cables

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Ok, but I still need to know what is your internet provider.


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Ok. Allow me a moment.
We need to try to not just turn it on and off, but a little more. Please follow the instruction and keep me updated:
Unplug your Spectrum modem from the wall. Unplug any cords connecting your modem and router. Wait 60 seconds. Plug your devices back in and wait for the Wi-Fi and internet signal lights to turn green.

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Working now I’ve always like spectrum very much just frustrating sometimes

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That's fine. Please take care and have a nice day.

I will keep your instructions for next time if I have a problem thank you so much and have a great day

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