Updated: March 17, 2023
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I have rediscovered my Model D01100 Kindle after years on the shelf and have forgotten how to connect it to the wifi

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  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen, or tap the top of the screen.
    Note: If you can't tap the top of the screen or swipe down, try tapping or selecting the menu icon on the home screen.
  2. Tap All Settings.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi Networks.

And tell me when its done

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What screen. My kindle does not have a swipe facility. I am now looking at my Kindle screen and have clicked on 'HOME' and down to "Kindle User's Guide". What now

Could you go to settings?

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Do you mean "Setting up your kindle"?

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I mean just Settings, like a gear


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Sorry. I do not have that on my Kindle screen

Can you please take a picture of your screen?
To attach pictures to our chat, you need to press the paper clip button in the lower right corner of the chat window. Then you have either to choose an image on your device or take a photo right away. Then confirm sending.

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The only way I can do this is to take a photo with my digital camera, transfer the image to my Mac and then send it to you as an attachment. I have given you the model number of the Kindle so yo ought to be able to see what "TABLE OF CONTENTS" looks like (that's what's up on my Kindle screen right now)
OK just going through the process now. Meanwhile it might be as well for you to look up my kindle and see what I see

Yes, will appreciate it
And after that please come back to me

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Here you are

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Received, thanks a lot
Please, press the Home button
After that Menu button
And list of options will come up

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Yes I have pressed it and it has come up with the list of my content, with, at the end "Kindle User's Guide" . The menu button different to the "home" button, reveals a selection of options, one being "Settings". I have now clicked on this and have various options including "Wi-Fi Networks". Are we on the right track??

Yes, well done
You are doing great!
Wi-Fi Networks and you need to choose from the list the correct one
Just select and that`s it

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It is asking me for a password or "wps setup". What password would this be? I do not have a "Kindle" password as such

Password of your Wi-Fi
Do you know it?
That you use for another device

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Is this the one on the little card which I keep with the 'Router" by the phone

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Yes, if I understand you correctly
A password to your Wi-Fi network

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Hang on I'll just go and get it

Sure, take your time
Did you succeed?

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I've entered the password and the only network available VM2612119 has now got alongside it a picture of a padlock and "forget"

Have you connected?

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How do I know?

Please, send me a picture of what you see

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Give me a moment
Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
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here you are

You have already connected
You can see on the top of the right the icon near signal icon

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I see but I only have one black dot so signal very weak. What does "Forget" mean

Forget means if you don`t want to use this network and connect to it, you can click forget for it
Signal depends on location, so don`t worry

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I now see two other networks have appeared on the screen. Should I connect to these too

No, you need to use only your network, the name of your Wi-Fi

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OK thanks. I have taken up enough of your time and I need a coffee. Thanks and good luck

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No not today. Perhaps on another day! Thanks

I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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