Judi Perez
Tech Expert and Writer
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University of Southern Indiana


  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Routers
  • Mac OS and applications
  • Smart home
  • Mobile applications
Articles Published: 12


Judi Perez | Tech Expert & Writer | 25 years | Evansville, IN
Hi! I’m Judi! And I’ve been working for over two years for Howly as a Tech consultant & Writer.
I’m thankful this company helped me develop as a professional and share my knowledge with those who need it. I know that tech issues can happen anytime and anywhere, and fixing them as soon as possible is important to ensure flawless functioning. So if you need a little help, drop me a line.


My journey as a tech person began when I was a child. My parents were convinced that it was my life path, and so was I. Thus, I started my studying in a specialized school.
But it wasn’t just a must; it was my passion. I have always liked tech. But what I liked most about it was that the sphere never stops developing. And so, those who become a part of it should unstoppably keep learning to stay the best expert they can be.
And this is where writing came up. Like any other activity, it helps me share my expertise, and it also brings good by teaching some readers how they can handle the most common issues on their own.
It is what I like about Howly. It’s not just a platform to help people solve their tech concerns but also a space for tech specialists to develop. It always reminds me to keep my knowledge up to date and develop my skills to provide needed help to any of you.

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