Updated: May 27, 2023
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I have recently bought new iphones and today both of us have received a message through settings that there ahs been a data leak and our passwords need changing.

Hve we received the same message at the same time since we purchased these new iphones

Short summary:

  1. The data leak warning is a common message that appears on new iPhones when the same passwords are used across multiple websites. It is a cautionary message and not an indication of an actual data breach.
  2. When the data leak notice appears on the iPhone, there is usually an option to "Change password on website." If you choose this option, you will be redirected to the respective website where you can change your password. However, it is not necessary to change passwords for all websites unless you suspect an actual security risk.
  3. In some cases, there may be a "Not now" option available in the data leak warning message. If this option is present, you can select it if you prefer not to change passwords immediately.
  4. If there is no "Not now" option, you can simply leave the warning as it is. The warning itself does not pose a threat to your data.
  5. If you wish to disable the data leak warning feature entirely, you can go to Settings > Passwords > Security Recommendations and turn off the feature.

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checked the question on google but none of them deal with my question as to whether its simply because we changed phone that they think its a data leak

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This is a common mistake when setting up a new iPhone. It means that you use the same passwords on several websites and your iPhone warns you about a possible data leak.
When the data leak notice appears on your iPhone, it contains two choices: “Change password on website” and “Not now.” Tap the “Change password on website” option. By doing so, you're routed to the appropriate site and can change your password.

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I have 58 websites and dont want to change any of them unless theres really a risk which from what you say there isnt. Is that correct

Certainly. Rest assured that this message does not pose any threat to your data. If you prefer not to alter your passwords, you may select the "Not now" alternative.

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There isnt a not now option so should i just leave it

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Yes. Also, you can disable this feature at any time by going to Settings > Passwords > Security Recommendations.

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Thank you thats very helpful

Do you have any additional questions I can help you with, *****?

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No Thats fine

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