Updated: June 05, 2023
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by Yelyzaveta Tsyplenko
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I have an ipod touch and the home button has stopped working

Short summary:

  1. Recalibrate the home button:
    Open any pre-installed app on your iPod.
    Press and hold the Top or Side button until the "Slide to power off" prompt appears.
    Do not power off.
    Instead, hold the Home button for about 10 seconds until the prompt disappears.
  2. Repeat recalibration:
    Try the recalibration process multiple times if the Home button doesn't respond initially.
  3. Use the charger to apply pressure:
    Connect the charging cable to your iPod.
    Gently press the back of the connector near the bottom, towards the Home button.
    Click the Home button a few times while maintaining pressure.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Tell me please the exact iPod model


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Does it have any signs of physical damage?
I mean the Home button

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No. Just stopped reacting to my touch. No feeling of engagement

Got it, in most cases it is a hardware issue and the button should be replaced.
But sometimes it can be a software issue, did you try to reset the iPod?

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No just turned off & on. What are the best options. I love my iTouch. My iphone doesn't have the interface or battery storage to do MyMusic & Podcasts without very quickly losing charge

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Let's "recalibrate" the home button on your iPod:

  1. Launch any app that came pre-installed on your device. For example, you might open Notes, Calendar, Reminders, or Photos.
  2. Now press and hold the Top or Side button on your iPhone until the Slide to power off prompt appears. If nothing appears, try holding either Volume button at the same time.
  3. Don't power off your iPhone. Instead, press and hold the Home button for around 10 seconds until the prompt disappears and the app quits.
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Please try repeating the process several times. Some users have reported that their Home button started working after three or four attempts.

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no good. there's no reaction/click on the button

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Now, let's use the charger to press the home button:

  1. Insert the charging cable that came with your iPhone.
  2. Gently press on the back of the connector, near the bottom of your iPhone, as though you're pushing it towards the Home button.
  3. Keep that pressure while you click the Home button a couple of times.
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no it's like the home is stuck in the off position. no response

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Thank you so much for the details

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Sorry to interrupt but is there a device that can do all that i require. my iphone doesn't cut it

You can try to disassemble the iPod by loosing up the adhesives at the bottom and separating the glass from the adhesives. Once that's done you can use a metal tool to un-lip the plastic frame that holds the glass and lift it. But I have to say that this method violates the warranty on the thing, and it's pretty easy to damage it.
If you would like to carry on I will provide you with the following steps

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I'm happy to buy another device. I'd like your advice as to whether there's an iphone that synchs with itunes the way an itouch does?

Based on my research, you can install iTunes on any model of iPhone and it should work just as well

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