Yelyzaveta Tsyplenko
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National Pedagogical University of Taras Shevchenko


  • 5G and other cutting-edge tech
  • Home networks
  • Laptops
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Smart home
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Elizabeth Tsyplenko | Tech Expert & Writer | Kyiv, Ukraine

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m happy to be part of the Howly team!

As a tech troubleshooter, I have two main priorities: the willingness to help others and the readiness to improve my tech knowledge as much as it’s needed. In my current position, I feel that I bring good to people by answering their day-to-day questions. So what could be better in any job than being useful?


For several recent years, I’ve been working in different support services that specialize in a number of topics. So I have vast working experience and can compare different companies and their specificities and state that the tech domain is my favorite.

The thing is that all our lives are connected to technology. Technology is just everywhere. It is so deeply routed in our lives that we don’t even realize it. And naturally, the more we interact with something, the more commonly some issues may evolve.

My task in this case is to help people feel minimum discomfort from tech malfunctions. And yes, I’m always there and willing to help them. So if you face some difficulties, just drop me a line, and we’ll fix it all in a blink.

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