Updated: March 14, 2023
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39ml appears on timer on washing machine and machine won't start

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model FSCR10420

What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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Tried different settings and turned machine off and on. It works on some settings but not on mixed.

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Did you turn the machine off with a button, or did you unplug it?

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Got it
Is there any Failure Indicator besides 39ml?

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Could you please tell me if the error appeared during the washing process?

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Before the wash started. We set it on mixed and 60 degrees and pressed start. It tumbled but did not fill with water and 39ml came up on the timer. We tried again at 30 degrees with same result. We tried synthetic setting and the machine ran OK. We then tried the original setting of mixed and got the failure again.

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Thank you for the information
Could you please tell me if this problem occurred before?

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machine is 4 years old

Did you check if the machine door is tightly closed?

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The door was locked

Got it
Have you tried pressing On/Off for at least 5 seconds?

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Please try this

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It has just successfully finished a delicate cycle

The machine has started the delicate washing, but does not start the other programs?

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Just tried it and got the message 31ml

Do you have a chance to send me a picture of this message?

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There is a picture of a jug pouring liquid above 31ml. we will take a photo but it might take 5 minutes to get it up.

These messages show the recommended detergent amount in ml, if you press start after that nothing happens?

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Yes - we used OMO Expert powder but did not add any detergent on the last attempt just now as the machine is empty.

Sorry, I'll clarify again because I did not quite understand, the delicate wash was successfully started, but the other programs did not?

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delicate and synthetic cycles both worked but mixed did not

Have you tried pressing the "Dosing Aid" button and then starting the wash?

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no but trying it now

Take your time

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thanks for your help; it is appreciated.

I'm here to help you, and I'll be glad to do it

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It has started so you might have solved the problem. We have reset the water hardness level to medium and machine now working on mixed cycle.

Very glad to hear that!

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Thanks again. Hopefully we are now OK.

If you have any questions in the future, let me know!

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