Typical malfunctions of ASUS laptops

Updated: February 15, 2023
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Typical malfunctions of ASUS laptops
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Even the most reliable models of ASUS laptops can sometimes malfunction. There are several types of failures that occur most often, and these are not always the manufacturer's fault. Users themselves sometimes treat devices carelessly. Let's discuss the typical malfunctions of ASUS laptops in more detail.

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When users themselves cause the problem

  • If the jacks on the gadget are in disrepair and with some cracks, you most likely have abruptly pulled out the wires and cords while using your device.
  • The screen is another part that often suffers from the owner's careless actions. Dropping from a height, unexpected bumps against hard objects are not in vain for the state of the matrix. A broken screen is a subject for replacement. Unfortunately, this unpleasantness is one of the most common.
  • The integrity of the keyboard and its performance are also often affected by human hands. Very often, the problem occurs due to water ingress.

Of course, it is not always just the person who is to blame for the fact that the laptop stops working properly. Other causes are also widespread.

Power supply failure

Power supply failure

It is not difficult to notice that the charger was broken. In this case, the device stops turning on, and there is no indication of the process's success. This can happen due to a short circuit inside the unit. In such a situation, the electronics can be repaired. But if the cause is something else, purchasing a new unit and its reinstallation is inevitable. Only an experienced technician can understand what really happened.

In today's market, there are universal models of charges. All you need to do is to choose the most suitable option.

Video card problems

Video card problems

This type of failure is quite complicated. The actions to be taken depend on the type of video card itself. The situation is as follows.

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  1. If the elements are located on the motherboard, the video chip or the contacts underneath it must be replaced. A complete replacement is a feasible solution.
  2. If the video card is a separate component, it must also be replaced. However, it is important to find an option that is most closely compatible with the other components. This is not always easy to do.

Without the help of experienced professionals, this problem is almost impossible to solve successfully.

Failure of the cooling system

Failure of the cooling system

This problem is not so serious at first glance. But it is also widespread, and if you ignore the need to solve it as soon as possible, other device elements will quickly deteriorate. In this case, the notebook begins to overheat and become very noisy.

The cause of the malfunction is heavy dust contamination and fan failure. To fix the problem, you either need to clean or replace the fan. The technician will tell you more exactly.

The motherboard or power connector is damaged

The motherboard or power connector is damaged

It is another common situation. The repair cost is usually not very low, but successful recovery is possible. This is done by replacing the microchips.

In the case of a broken connector, the old component is removed, and the new one must be soldered in.

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