The touchpad is not working on ASUS Windows 7 laptop

Updated: February 15, 2023
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The touchpad is not working on ASUS Windows 7 laptop
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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A non-functioning touchpad on an ASUS laptop (Windows 7) causes a lot of inconvenience to the user. Especially with frequent use of the device. This element can fail for several reasons.

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Relevance of the problem

It is not always possible to replace the touchpad with a mouse, and what's even more important, it is convenient. If the gadget is often used on the road, carry it with you, it is important to ensure full mobility. A touchpad helps with this. The latter allows you to eliminate the need to connect additional devices.

What does it do? The touchpad performs the following functions.

  1. Moving the cursor.
  2. Clicking with a certain mouse button.
  3. Scrolling.
  4. Changing the scale of the image, its rotation in some models.

Steps to fix a non-working touchpad on a Windows 7 ASUS laptop

In some cases, the problem of a non-working touchpad can be easily solved by the user.


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Sometimes, the trouble is provoked by a trivial deactivation. If the touchpad appears to be disabled, you can activate it by pressing a combination of the following keys: Fn and F9/F7. Normal operation should be restored immediately.


The so-called "hotkeys" help you quickly and easily turn off your touchpad. A special picture serves as a hint during the selection process. It can be found on one of the corresponding F1-F12 keys.

If the model has a special button in the corner of the touchpad itself, you can try using it. Pressing it may successfully restore proper operation, provided that the disconnect was the cause.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Sometimes you need to go to the Control Panel to get your touchpad working again. Select "Mouse" from the menu. Then you need to enter the settings and find the corresponding items there.

If a mouse is connected to your notebook, there is one thing to check. Did you see a checkmark next to "Disable touchpad when the mouse is connected"? Uncheck it. You have found the reason why the component does not work. Activating this option prevents the touchpad from functioning when a wired device is connected simultaneously.


The touchpad will not work if the available drivers are out of date or simply have not been installed. They require regular updates. Developers periodically release new versions, which should be installed without fail.

If the operating system version is reinstalled, there is also the risk of encountering a problem. You can forget to download and run the installation.

If you reset your device, the driver data may also be deleted.

Where can you find drivers? You need to use the disk that comes with your gadget. It is also important to have a properly working drive.

Going to the official site of the manufacturer ASUS, you can download the necessary driver package. After installing them, it is important not to forget to reboot the device.


Selecting "Internal Pointing Device" in BIOS

It also happens that the component stops working if the settings inside the BIOS system are incorrect. You need to enter the BIOS itself to check whether it is true. Then select the item called "Internal Pointing Device".

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It is necessary to determine whether the element's connection is active. The parameter "Enabled" confirms it. If it is set to a different value, be sure to activate it. After saving the parameters, start the reboot process.

Nothing helped?

Suppose the above actions did not help, then what could have happened?

It happens that all of the above methods are unsuccessful. Then it is likely that it is a physical failure. In this case, the cursor also refuses to respond to your commands.

This can happen all the time or only periodically. Sometimes the arrow starts to move randomly around the screen when you try to use the touchpad. Why does this happen? There are several explanations:

  1. Severe contamination. If the component is dirty or has a lot of dust, it must be cleaned gently. Only in this way can you establish a normal operation. You need a piece of absorbent cotton and an aqueous solution containing the soap for this purpose. It is important to carry out the actions gently so that moisture does not accidentally get inside the case. At the end of the procedure, you should carefully wipe the treatment site with a dry cloth.
  2. Loss of normal sensitivity due to improper settings. It is possible to restore the correct settings. You just need to download a special program from the Internet.
  3. Mechanical damage. Usually visible to the naked eye when visually assessing the condition of the touchpad. Accidental impact, falling from a height, often provokes breakage. By the way, getting liquid can also lead to serious problems.

Note that trying to clean the touchpad yourself often leads to more damage. You will likely have to fix the touchpad and other components of the design. Therefore, it is important not to hesitate too long and apply to a proven master. Only a specialist can make a competent diagnosis and promptly eliminate the cause of the problem without any damage to other components.

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