Numeric code: 6922 - What Is It and How to Fix It

Updated: June 02, 2023
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Numeric code: 6922 - What Is It and How to Fix It
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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It is disappointing when you face an error trying to check your mailbox for incoming emails. But the good point is that these types of errors always come with numeric codes. This is done for a better understanding of the problem and further resolution of the issue. Next, you will find the main reasons why Gmail error 6922 appears. The suggestions on how to fix it will also be presented for your convenience after. Following our recommendations, you can make sure the issue won't appear in the future.

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Gmail error 6922

Reasons for Gmail showing temporary error numeric code: 6922

Let’s have a look at the possible causes of why the Gmail account is temporarily unavailable for users:

  • Outdated software. The user might not have been using the browser or Gmail for a long time, and as a result, the program did not upload new updates.
  • The Browser cache is full. This happens when the user has been browsing the web for several months or years already and their cache is full of cookies, or if too many tabs are open in the browser simultaneously;
  • Unstable Internet connection. The user may be too far from the Wi-Fi coverage area, or some malfunction in your router, or there may be poor contact of the connectors to the device. If there is a wired connection, there may be problems with the provider or network failures. Very often users do not notice that they do not have a network connected and do not understand where the Google code 6922 came from. So you should first check your Wi-Fi to see if it is working and see if the network line is broken.
  • Malware. Sometimes the user's antivirus program blocks the file that is considered to contain a virus. Also, the Gmail security system can detect suspicious mailing activity or decide that the file in the email may defeat the PC.

These are the most common causes of Gmail error 6922. Now let’s explore the possible solutions for these issues.

Solutions on how to fix Gmail error 6922

Here are the easiest possible solutions to check out first:

  1. The first thing to do is to ensure a good network connection. Please check if you are not too far from the Wi-Fi coverage area and if there are no breakdowns on the line.
  2. Close and reopen your browser.
  3. If you have multiple browsers installed on your computer, try signing in to your Google account in another browser. Then check out if Gmail still presents the error 6922.
  4. Restart your router.
  5. Restart your computer.

If these easiest solutions did not help much, and you still have a Google error 6922, let’s consider the more complex ones.

Update your browser

banner 3

Let’s take Chrome as an example (Check your browser’s support articles if you are not on Chrome currently):

  • Open your browser.
  • In the upper right corner, you will see the icon “More”. Please click on it
  • Click “Help” and then “About Google Chrome.”
Click “Help” and then “About Google Chrome”
  • Next, click Update Google Chrome. If there is no such button, then the latest version of the browser is already installed.
Click update Google Chrome
  • Reopen the browser.
  • Now go to the mailbox from the desired account. Check if error 6922 is gone. If not, proceed to the next solution.Clear cache and cookies in your browser

In the browser, clear the cache storage

Your browser cache collects data and cookies from different sites to speed up loading and signing in to those sites again. The history of visited websites is also stored in the cache. Sometimes the cache accumulates so much that it interferes not only with the browser but also with the device as a whole. A large amount of cache accumulation may result in a 6922 Google error.

But you should be careful and remember that cleaning will lead to:

- Some settings will get deleted. For example, if you’ve been signed in, you’ll need to sign in again.

- All browsing history will be deleted.

- When you open previously visited sites, they might be loading slowly this time.

To clear the cookies in the browser, you need to do the following:

  • Open a browser that is comfortable for you. It is best to open the browser in which you have a Gmail 6922 problem. This will help to solve the problem more quickly and efficiently.
  • Open a new tab and close all the tabs that were opened before.
  • You need to press a keyword combination Shift + Ctrl + Del if you are a Windows user. For Mac users, the instruction is different: press Cmd + Shift + Delete.
  • In the menu that will appear, set the duration to “All time” and mark all checkboxes. Please make sure it looks the same as in this image:
Clear the cache and cookies in the Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the button “Clear data”.
  • 7. Then, reopen the browser.

In other browsers, the algorithm may be similar, but it is better to find detailed instructions on the official websites of these browsers.

Disable the browser extensions

Do you have a Numeric code: 6922” error? Then you should check which browser extensions you installed. Often many of them can lead to failures in the work of Google Chrome. To check this, try opening Gmail in incognito mode.

  • If you are a Windows user, press Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • If you have a Mac, press Cmd + Shift + N.

Please note that extensions are disabled by default in incognito mode. If you have previously enabled extensions in incognito mode, the Gmail error 6922 will likely occur again.

So, you’ve opened your browser in incognito mode and don’t see a 6922 Gmail error? It means that now you need to disable one or more extensions that block Gmail from operating stably.

Follow these instructions to disable the extension in the browser:

  • Open the browser.
  • Then you need to click on the icon “More” (the icon with three vertical dots).
  • Click “More tools” and then “Extensions”.
 Click “More tools” and then “Extensions”
  • In the next window, disable all the extensions (click on the toggle to make it gray).
Disable all extensions
  • If Gmail error 9622 does not appear after that, you can enable the extensions one by one to determine which one is causing this issue.
  • When you find the extension that caused the problem, please remove it. If you need this extension, you would better find an analog in the Chrome Web Store.

Disable antivirus to fix Google error 6922

banner 6

If none of the previous options helped, you can disable a program that changes location. Disable the security software only if you are sure that the email does not contain malware and you fully trust the sender.

In order to disable the standard antivirus in Windows 10, do the next:

1. Select the menu “Start” and find “Windows Security '' by typing it on the keyboard.

2. Choose the application “Windows Security” from the options found.

3. In the menu, click on the Network Protection tab and then click on “Public Network”.

4. In this menu, under Firewall click on the toggle to turn it Off.

5. Go to Gmail and open the letter in which there was an issue with the numeric code: 6922.

Please do not forget to re-enable your antivirus later.


To sum up, the causes of the numeric code: 6922 issue could be different. The problem can be solved mainly by working with the browser and settings. To achieve a positive result quickly, follow the steps of our instructions. You should try all the ways by following the step-by-step guides to gain access. If you do everything right, you are not going to encounter those inconveniences again. But if you still need assistance, Howly experts are at your disposal 24/7!

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