How to Factory Reset HP Stream 14 Laptop

Updated: September 23, 2022

Table of contents 

  1. Hewlett Packard factory restore preparation
  2. How to factory reset HP laptop on Windows 10 
  3. How to reset an HP laptop with Windows recovery
  4. Hewlett Packard factory restore with HP Recovery Manager
  5. How to reset an HP laptop on Windows 10 with a disk
  6. How to hard reset an HP laptop on Windows 10
  7. What if the HP Stream factory reset failed?
  8. Summary 

Resetting your computer is necessary if you need to sell or give it to somebody else. It is also an effective but radical troubleshooting measure. Knowing how to factory reset an HP laptop will help you delete all the personal or malicious data in a couple of minutes. 

Also, resetting your laptop every six months will prevent your computer from slowing down as it cleans it from unnecessary data.

Read this article to learn all about factory reset of HP laptops using different methods. You can choose between preserving your data or completely deleting everything. We will also explain how to complete HP Stream 14 hard reset.

In fact, you can restore any HP laptop to factory settings using these instructions regardless of its model. Here are various methods depending on your situation and your computer’s condition. 

Hewlett Packard factory restore preparation 

If your computer functions well and is not infected with viruses, create a backup before resetting it. Factory restore will delete all contents from your hard drive. You can later use this backup data on your new device or store it just in case. 

Note that the data might include not only the files you store but also passwords and browser settings. So before you start, find the password linked to your Microsoft account, serial keys to all the paid licensed software, and original Windows installation disks. You might need them during factory reset or after it.

How to factory reset HP laptop on Windows 10 

It is the first and fastest method you should try. However, it only works when you still have access to your computer, and it functions normally.

Here is the first way to factory reset an HP on Windows 10:

  1. Click on the Start icon in the bottom left corner. 
  2. Type “reset” in the search bar at the bottom.  
  3. Select Reset this PC

And the second way: 

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to Update and Security
  4. Select Recovery on the menu on the left. 
  5. You will see three sections: Reset this PC, Go Back to an Earlier Build, and Advanced. We will discuss the first one as it is enough in most cases. 
  6. Click on Get Started button on the right. 
Start button on the right

Then you will need to choose from the multiple options described below. 

Here you can choose between Keep my files and Remove everything alternatives. It all depends on your needs. The first option is better for those who want to continue using their device. The second one suits better to those who don’t plan to use this PC in the future.

If you selected Keep my files, choose Next and Reset. All done! 

Remove everything has two options: Only the drive where Windows is installed and All drives. Selecting any of them means that your computer settings will be returned to their default, and all your software will be deleted. 

Next step: you will see Remove files and clean the drive or Just remove my files choice. Choose the one that applies to your goals. 
Then press Next and Reset no matter what options you have chosen. Wait for several minutes till the process is finished.

How to reset an HP laptop with Windows recovery

You can still reset your computer even if you cannot access its settings for some reason.

Windows Recovery Mode was made for these occasions. Before you start, try to find your Windows recovery key. You will need it later. Then use the following guide to factory reset your HP laptop on Windows 10: 

  1. Shut your laptop down. 
  2. Disconnect all the external devices except for the power adapter. 
  3. Turn the computer on and press F11 repeatedly at the same time. 
  4. Once you see Choose an option, select Troubleshoot
  5. Select Reset this PC
  6. Then select Keep my files or Remove everything. Quick reminder: choose Keep my files if you need the information stored on your PC. If not, select Remove everything. Then you can choose the drives that you want to clean. 
  7. Click Reset

At some point, you may need to enter the Recovery key ID using your Microsoft account. If you are not able to do it or don’t remember your password, follow the instructions below. 

Entering a recovery key ID using your Microsoft account

Hewlett Packard factory restore with HP Recovery Manager 

This method is almost similar to the previous one but does not require a Windows recovery key:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 of the prior section. 
  2. In Choose an option menu, select Recovery Manager. 
  3. Select System Recovery.
  4. Then you can choose to back up your files or recover your laptop without backing it up. 
  5. Select Next
  6. Do not unplug your computer or shut it down until you see Recovery is complete on your screen. 
Restoring Hewlett Packard factory settings using HP Recovery Manager

How to reset an HP laptop on Windows 10 with a disk  

You need a Windows setup CD or DVD to use the guides below. Try to remember how you installed Windows on your laptop to find the disk.

Once you find the disk, follow this guide to complete the HP laptop factory reset:

  1. Insert the disk. 
  2. Restart your computer. 
  3. You will see the install screen. Select Repair your computer in the bottom left corner.  
  4. Select Troubleshoot
  5. Select System Restore
  6. Select your operating system and click Next
  7. Select the Restore point (to restore your laptop to an earlier timepoint if you need it). 
  8. Proceed with the Next and Yes buttons. 
  9. Then your computer will restart. In the end, you will see System Restore completed successfully
Reset HP laptop on Windows 10 using a disk

How to hard reset an HP laptop on Windows 10

Use hard reset to troubleshoot your computer in such cases: your cursor is not moving, software got “frozen,” or there is another bug. This method cleans your computer’s RAM and finishes all the processes. It is not the same as the factory reset because none of your data will be affected.

HP Stream 14 hard reset guide: 

  1. Disconnect and remove all external devices, including the power supply. 
  2. Turn off your laptop. 
  3. Find the battery compartment on your laptop. 
  4. Take off the cover. 
  5. Remove the battery. 
  6. Press the power button and hold it. 
  7. Put the battery back. 
  8. Put the cover back. 
  9. Turn on your computer. 
  10. Select Start Windows Normally and press Enter
  11. Wait for a couple of minutes. 
Hard reset HP laptop in Windows 10

HP Stream 14 factory reset is completed! 

What if the HP Stream factory reset failed? 

You can still reset an HP Stream laptop even if you failed on the first try. There can be a small bug that your laptop can fix on the second attempt. 

Follow these steps if HP stream 14 factory reset is not working:

  1. Turn the computer off using the power button
  2. Turn it on using the power button and start pressing Escape repeatedly.
  3. After seeing the HP Startup menu, press F2
  4. Select System Test
  5. Select Quick Test

When the test is finished, you will get a report that describes your problem. It is also possible that the system will solve it on its own. Otherwise, you will get explanations and further guidelines in the report. 

If everything works fine from now, return to the previous sections and repeat the HP Stream 14 factory reset cycle. 



Now that you have finished reading, it may be too much information in your head. So let’s remember and structure the main points of this article:

  1. These instructions apply not only to HP Stream 14 but also to any other HP model with the Windows 10 operating system.
  2. Make sure you have access to all the required passwords and serial numbers before resetting your laptop.
  3. Remove all the external devices before you start.
  4. There are several methods for HP factory reset on Windows 10: Settings, Windows recovery, HP recovery manager, and Windows setup disc.
  5. You can back up your data using all of these methods. But we still recommend to back up before factory reset and do it regularly just in case.
  6. Hard reset only cleans a computer’s memory. It doesn’t delete any of your data and doesn’t reinstall the operating system.

Thank you for reading this article! Now you are ready to give your laptop a fresh start. If something went wrong while resetting an HP stream laptop, contact our experts to solve the issue you have faced. Howly experts can deal with any tech question you have. Just book a quick consultation, and we will choose the most suitable certified expert to get in touch with you!

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