Prompt and Easy HP Laptop Troubleshooting from Howly

Hewlett Packard is a leader in the production of personal computers. The reason for such popularity is the high quality of devices, their strict, stylish design, productive and reliable hardware, and affordable pricing policy. Despite the high quality, HP products, like any computer equipment, are prone to breakdowns. Although the company’s devices have their own malfunctions and vulnerabilities, Howly knows how to fix HP laptops of any series!

Howly is an online consultation service that boasts over 1 000 top tech professionals. Our experts always give customers what they need – high-quality and fast advice. They know everything about HP laptop troubleshooting and have all the tools to determine the actual cause of a failure. Certified experts will test your device online and give you a step-by-step guide on fixing the problem. Contact Howly anytime – our experts are there 24/7!

Typical HP Laptop Problems to Solve with Howly

Have you noticed that your HP laptop crashes? Amateur troubleshooting can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, it’s better to turn to Howly and entrust this important task to professionals. Our service has been helping people with troubleshooting HP computers for many years. Moreover, our specialists have already solved more than 10 million user requests of a completely different nature. Since HP laptops are popular, Howly experts often deal with their repair. So, we can highlight the top 10 most common problems with laptops from this brand:

  1. HP Pavilion display issues;
  2. Failure to connect HP Pavilion to a TV using VGA;
  3. HP laptop doesn’t run games;
  4. Problems with clearing hard drive space;
  5. HP laptop is running slowly;
  6. Shortcut keys aren’t working;
  7. HP laptop is overheating;
  8. HP Pavilion laptop battery isn’t charging;
  9. Colorful squares or lines on the screen;
  10. Touchpad isn’t working.

HP users come to us with these questions almost every day. However, our experts can solve many more issues with Hewlett Packard products. And we’re happy to provide you with a simple HP troubleshooting guide for whatever problem you’re facing. Just write to us, and we’ll start fixing your computer breakdown within 60 seconds!

Common HP Laptop Problems and Solutions

We know how difficult it may be to part with your favorite device while the service center specialists are repairing it. Therefore, we’ve introduced a completely new approach to HP desktop troubleshooting. The process of solving problems is simple and fast. You tell us about your issue, we match you with the best specialist, and they solve your problem in real time via remote connection to your device if needed. You can also get personal consultation via live chat. This is a wonderful opportunity to fix your HP laptop from the comfort of your home. Hewlett Packard fans often ask us:

How to fix Wi-Fi connection issues after Windows update?

Many HP users complain that Wi-Fi stops working after updating to Windows 10. Check out the possible Wi-Fi problems you may encounter:

  • The Internet keeps disconnecting for no reason;
  • There is no wireless network adapter in the Device Manager;
  • Wired LAN adapter is missing;
  • Wi-Fi connection is limited;
  • No Wi-Fi option in settings.

To solve the problem, download a new Wi-Fi driver. Go to the official HP website, find the drivers for your laptop model, and install the one you need.

How to fix the black screen on the HP Pavilion laptop?

If you’re facing a black screen issue when starting your laptop, try the following steps:

  • Restart the Explorer.exe process;
  • Disable fast startup in system settings;
  • Disable app readiness;
  • Run a system restore;
  • Do a hard reset;
  • Reinstall memory modules;
  • Use the HP BIOS recovery feature.

How to restore sound on my HP laptop?

Since there can be many reasons why the sound doesn’t work on HP laptops, we offer several ways to fix the issue. Test these options one by one to see which of them will help you:

  • Restart your computer;
  • Check sound settings, including volume configurations;
  • Update your sound driver;
  • Reinstall the sound driver;
  • Troubleshoot audio playback.

Best HP Troubleshooting Solutions 24/7

Problems with HP laptops aren’t as scary as they might seem at first glance. In fact, every issue has a solution. The main thing is to find a good expert who will advise you on what to do. And Howly specialists know everything about HP laptop problems and how to fix them. They will provide you with the most effective solutions for any computer breakdowns and give you tips on how to increase the performance and service life of your device. Don’t waste time – ask your questions right now!