Updated: May 24, 2023
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While adjusting the time I accidently changed from farenheit to centigrade and I can't get it back

It concerns my indoor/outdoor therm.

Short summary:

  1. Hold the SET button on your device to enter the time set mode.
  2. Look for an option labeled "12h" or "24h" on your device's display. This option determines the time format and indirectly affects the temperature unit.
  3. Use the + button on your device to change the time format. Toggle between "12h" and "24h" until you reach your desired format.
  4. Once you have selected the desired time format, the temperature unit should automatically adjust accordingly.
  5. Exit the program menu, if applicable, by following the instructions provided on your device.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Can you please specify both the brand and the model of your device?

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brand is la crosse CN14V131U


Noted, thank you!
Please note that this option is available from the TIME SET settings. It is the last one to set.
Here are the instructions:

  1. Hold the TIME SET button to enter the time set mode.
  2. Press the ▼ or ▲ buttons to adjust the values.
  3. Press the TIME SET button to confirm adjustments and move to the next item. You need to go further until you see °F or °C will flash.
  4. Press and release the ▼ or ▲ buttons to select Fahrenheit.
  5. Confirm with the TIME SET button and exit the program menu.
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My instrument does not have th e up and down arrows. 4 keys

Could you please check again if the model CN14V131U is correct?

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here is another
model #ws-9160U-IT

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Thank you so much!
Please note that the temperature on your device is displayed in Fahrenheit when in 12-hour time format and in Celsius in 24-hour time format. Use the SET menu to select a 12-hour or 24-hour time format:

  1. Hold the SET button to enter the time set mode.
  2. 12h or 24h will flash.
  3. Press the + button to change the time format
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That worked. Thank you so very much

You are always welcome!

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