Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Tech Expert & Writer
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Thomas Johnson

Tech Expert & Writer
Northeastern University
  • Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • 5G and another cutting-edge tech
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart home

Thomas Johnson | Tech Expert & Writer | 42 years | Uehling, NE
Hi! I’m Thomas, and I work for Howly as a Tech expert and Writer.
I know that any damaged device can cause much inconvenience and suffering. And so I do my best to help my clients solve their issues as soon as possible.
Want to learn to avoid similar problems in the future? Then you definitely need to enter my chat. I always have some great tech tips for you.

About Expert

Tech is both my work and my hobby. I’m a happy person because I really enjoy what I do only daily basis.
Going back to my roots, I always knew I would become a technician. Why so? I grew up in a family of technicians and studied in a technically-specialized school. And I also received a university degree as a Developer.
However, I soon realized that academic knowledge and reading articles weren’t enough to become an excellent specialist. So I worked a lot to receive the practical knowledge that could help people. If any of my acquaintances faced tech troubles, I was always there to help them.
And now I’m here, proud to be part of the team of Howly troubleshooters. Just give me an issue, and I’ll solve it for you. I bet it’s easier than you think.

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