Updated: April 03, 2023
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Someone is tracking my calls

How can I stop it

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What makes you think that someone is traking your calls?

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So I came across a video on Facebook which provided guidance how to know if your calls are being tracked. So I tried it and learned that a number ***** has been tracking my calls. I also went to True Caller and found comments from many other people that suggest that the same number has been tracking other calls too

  • When you turn on your phone's airplane mode feature, it prevents the cellular and Wi-Fi networks from achieving the connections that let tracking occur. After selecting Airplane Mode, check the status of your phone's GPS or location features. Airplane mode often automatically disables location settings after activation, but it's best to check and make sure.
  • Turning off these features also means you can't use your phone for calls or mobile data, though. Regardless, it's a quick way to stop tracking but not ideal for long-term use.
    People who are highly concerned about app-based tracking can often curb it by tweaking OS-based settings. Recent versions of Apple's iOS allow people to disable tracking for all apps or individual ones.
  • Google also recently announced a similar feature for Android called the Privacy Sandbox. It will limit personal data transferred to third parties and not allow tracking activities to persist across apps.
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Alright thanks
Let me try privacy sandbox

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That's all thanks

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