Updated: May 17, 2023
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So , the game escape the backrooms won't launch , even though I bought it for £7.19

This also happens with 2 other games I got

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
What device do you use for playing?

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it's Windows


What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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Verifying integrity of the game files

Got it.
Before we start with the actual troubleshooting, make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements of Escape the Backrooms.

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Yes it does

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Got it.
Assuming that your PC was able to handle the system requirements of Escape the Backrooms, another reason why the game is crashing is due to outdated drivers. Tell me please, did you try to update the drivers?

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Yes , I've also updates the pc as a whole , windows etc

I see.
There’s a chance that another program, such as your antivirus, is causing these crashing issues. You can try performing a clean boot to make sure that no other programs are running in the background.

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Please tell me how to do that

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To perform a clean boot, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Run tool by pressing the Windows Key + R
  2. Type msconfig and hit Enter
  3. Go to the Services tab section
  4. Check Hide all Microsoft services
  5. Click the Disable all button
  6. Click apply and restart your computer
  7. Run the game after the restart and check if there’s still a crashing issue and let me know how it is going, please.
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It's currently restarting

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After those steps above?

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I will attempt to open the game
It's says the steam service on my machine requires maintenance
Should I install service?

So yes, it seems that the current version of Steam installed on your PC is the main culprit. The uninstall-reinstall method may work for you.

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So I should un install steam?
I am currently uninstalling ut

Let's try one more way before uninstalling Steam.
Could you please try to download the newest Escape the Backrooms update by simply launching the game on Steam.

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It has uninstalled
I will reinstall it
Downloaded it
It's updating now
I will install escape the backrooms and see if it works
Sorry for the wait

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Oh, okay.
No worries, let's wait, I'm just checking how is it going.

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It's says I have got 7.19 pending
I think they refunded the game for me

Pending payment is when the bank is proceeding with the payment, Mustafa.
It needs some time to pass until that payment will go through.

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How long?
Do you know?

Unfortunately, I have no access to any service databases including bank transactions. Tell me please when was the payment sent?

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The pending thing is on my added funds on steam
Is says 7.19 pending

*****, tell me please, when have you bought the Escape the Backrooms on your Steam account?

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And you didn't make a refund request, right?

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I did
But it was before I spoke to you
I attempted to cancel it
But it didn't let me

Okay, let's assume, you have made a refund request and after that tried to launch the game, right?

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I played it
It didn't let me launch
Then I refunded it

Top answer

So, yes, now while it is a pending transaction, you will have to wait until the Game developer team will return your money to your Steam account. It may take some time, and, unfortunately, I can't say how long will it take.

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That's fine
Thank you very much
I will stay in contact

I was glad to help!
Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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