Updated: March 20, 2023
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by Ivy Davis
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My Samsung dish washer Model # DW*)Rous this evening I tried to use it for the firswt time

I cannot get it to start

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Looks like there was some issue with the symbols of your dash washer model, could you please check it one more time and write it to me here, please?

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Samsung Dish washer Model #DW80R506ous


*****, could you please tell me if the control panel is lit up on the dishwasher?

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it does light up

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Ok, got it.
Sir, could you please tell me, does the dishwasher react somehow when you press on the "Power" button?

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When I Ptree power the various options lightup but tht is it when
I sorry when I press start it won't start

Right, when you press the "power" button, now you have to select an appropriate cleaning cycle depending on the soil level of the dishes.
So you, press the appropriate cycle button, and when you press a cycle button, the cycle indicator lights up.
Then, you'd have to press the Start button, and then close the door within 3 seconds.
Make sure to close the door firmly. If the door is not closed properly, the selected cycle will not start automatically.

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I have done that many times. But I'll try again if you wish.

Sure, please try again one more time, sir, just to be sure.
Also, could you please tell me if the dishwasher fills with water or not?

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OK it will be a couple of mimutes it is dow stairs.

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Of course, no problem, take your time.

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Same thing no-go. When I Press the start tab it does not light up but a lock symbol lightcomes on. When I cloe the door I can ppek in betweeen the gounter top and the yop of the waSHER AND THE NUMBED 2:30

Got you, sir, thank you so much for doing all of this.
There's a good chance Child Lock is turned on on your dishwasher.
Child Lock is typically represented by a padlock icon, and can be toggled by pressing and holding the designated button for 3 seconds. The button is usually Heated Dry, Sanitize, or Child Lock. When Child Lock is turned on, the padlock icon or the associated button will be lit.

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Sorry for the typos I'm getting Groggy its 3 AM here.. OK I'ii try that. Be right back

No worries, *****! Thank you, I'll be here :)

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YAHOO YOU DID IT> THANKS now I can get to bed.

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Awesome work, sir! Glad to hear that :)
I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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