Updated: May 04, 2023
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by Daniel Moore
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My Dyson vacuum has suddenly started to pulse and stop after a minute and keep repeating this.

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Could you tell me the model number of your vacuum?

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Can't see anything specific on the underside label. Its an upright with a blue roller and had for under a year
It's a V8 animal


Thank you
Does it pulse as in start and stop successively?

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Yes it does

Please hold on for a few moments
Have you emptied the dust compartment?

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Yes, after every use.

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Please remove the suction tube and check for any clogging of both inside the tube and the vacuum inlet port



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Yes there was something in there which shouldn't have been so will probably work now.

Please try and operate it to check if it works

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Managed to get it out and it's working OK now. Thanks for your help. Goodbye

You are welcome, *****!
Have a great day!

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