My computer is disabled

Expert: Vitalii Yovko

My Computer Mobile Explorer – Aplikacje w Google Play

Vitalii Yovko (Expert): Hello, thank you for using Howly, my name is Vitalii. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

Customer: *****

Vitalii Yovko:Nice to meet you, *****!

Customer: aswell

Vitalii Yovko: Can you please explain the issue in detail?
Vitalii Yovko: What do you mean by disabled?

Customer: I was on aol and a Microsoft warning came up and said that my computer windows access is the block security

Vitalii Yovko: This is scam message
Vitalii Yovko: Just try to restart your computer

Customer: I did and it is still there

Vitalii Yovko: Ok
Vitalii Yovko: Please restart your computer and press F11 while it restarts

Customer: Still there

Vitalii Yovko: Try this:
Hard reboot (press and hold the power button to power off the computer) your computer and repeat the process a couple of times. Usually, it takes two consecutive system reboots within two minutes of boot completion for your computer to boot into Windows RE

Customer: Okay that works

Vitalii Yovko: Now what do you see on your screen?

Customer: it is back to normal

Vitalii Yovko: That is good to hear!
Vitalii Yovko: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Customer: I think you solved the problem

Vitalii Yovko: Have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you very much