Updated: March 22, 2023
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Is there a way possible to stop UPS from sending the package back to the sender?

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So my package was said to be delivered however the person who it was sent to wasn’t home at the time. I got a notification that it had been delivered and was left at the front door however not long after I saw that it was being returned to sender as the receiver has moved. The address is correct is there a way possible to stop them from sending the package back to the sender?

Thank you for the provided information.

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no worries

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Please clarify, what service did you use to send the package?

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Got it, allow me a moment, please.
Thank you for the long waiting!
*****, you can request an intercept from the tracking detail page when tracking your package or you can follow the steps below to request one from your shipping history. Please note: you must request an intercept prior to the first delivery attempt.

  1. Log in to your UPS account to view your shipping history.
  2. Choose the package(s) that you need to intercept from the list.
  3. Once you have selected the appropriate package, you can choose between the different delivery change options available.
  4. You’ll be prompted to provide a bit of additional info in order to submit the request.

Please let me know the result.

Is this still possible if I wasn’t the one who sent the package but a company did?

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Does this company have a UPS account?

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im not sure on that information

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You need to clarify this information.
In order to follow the instructions provided, you need to be able to track this package.

I’m able to track the package however when I claim the option change delivery it requires an infonotice number to change the delivery and that’s the only option available

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I got you.
Do you have an access to this infonotice number?

no I do not. I’m not sure they would have left one as they claim the receiver moved

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The UPS InfoNotice is a powerful tool that links all shipments for your delivery stop to one unique reference number. This number appears on the bottom of the InfoNotice above the barcode. You can use this number to track your shipment, change delivery options or collect your shipment.

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would that be the same as the tracking number?

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No, you can find the InfoNotice above the barcode.

I don’t believe I have that information

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Unfortunately, it is necessary for canceling them from sending the package back to the sender.

I see. It’s a notice that would get left at the door after a delivery attempt has been made is it not?

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You can find this number in the sender's UPS account.

Ah ok I’ll see if I can get the information from the sender then

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Yes, please contact the sender first.
Please let me know if the problem persists after that.

ok thank you

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