Updated: March 16, 2023
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I keep getting a error code 0x8007025D when trying to download windows 10 to a new ssd

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Could you tell me what steps have you tried so far to fix the issue?

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I've tried cleaning the disk in cmd with diskpart with videos I've seen online but I've had no luck

So you are not using installation media(a bootable USB for example), right?

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Yes I am my computer dose not have any bootable software so I have windows setup download on a USB stick
Right now its my bookable device


So you've created a bootable USB drive and made a clear installation with that, correct?

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Correct, I am able to run the windows 10 installation software. when I go to install windows on one of my internal ssd's the installation prosses gets to 70% then fails with the error code 0x8007025D

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This is a PC we are talking about or a laptop, by the way?

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Laptop sorry
Dell g5 5587

Got you, a laptop then

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I just upgraded my original 1tb hhd to a new 2tb ssd
The laptop is a Dell g5 5587

Let's try to unplug the unnecessary external devices, as the issue can be caused due to faulty hardware and corrupt drivers.

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Should I unhook my new ssd or my older ssd nvme? Or both
I've had windows installed previously on my ssd nvme but when I swaped my hhd the pc wouldn't boot to windows anymore
I can also re connect my hhd
Also both ssd are visible in the bios

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Don't disconnect anything that is not external
The SSD's are not the issue here (most likely)

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I don't have anything external hooked up other then the USB that has the windows 10 instation hardware on it
It's my only bootable software available

Got you
After the files are copied to your computer, Windows may no longer require your USB drive. Try unplugging your drive and then check if the installation is working properly. You can also try switching to a different USB port and see if that makes any difference

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Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
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Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
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Proceed, please

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Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
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Size: 2445632
The download gets to 70% and this error code appears

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Alright, the issue may lay in the installation media, can you try creating another one with a different USB stick?

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Ive installed windows with this USB stick 2 days ago on my ssd nvme and it worked
I just have no other USB stick with enough storage to store the software
I can try cleaning the USB and reinstalling the software on it

I understand, we can wipe this one and create a new installation media on the same stick

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Alright I will try this
I will be a few minutes

Take your time, I'll stand by

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I am just downloading the windows software on the USB now
It's just verifying the download it will be a few more minutes

Understood, standing by

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Just finshed download
Booting up my laptop to try download again
Making progress got past 70% this time

That's promising:)

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I believe it is working I've gotten to the windows set up page
Thank you for all of the help

Glad to assist, *****:)
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No I don't believe so
I appreciate the help

I'm glad we've managed to solve this

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Me aswell

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you. Have a nice one!

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You aswell

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