Updated: May 26, 2023
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I have tried to change accounts to my microsoft account but when I type in the password it says invalid password

it works fine on my phone and tablet but not on my wifes computer

Short summary:

  1. Log out of Wife's Account: If you're seeing your wife's email address when trying to log into Microsoft, start by logging out of her account. Look for an option to sign out or log out within the account settings.
  2. Try Another Browser: If you're unable to log in using your correct email address and password, attempt to log in using a different web browser. This step can help rule out any browser-related issues.
  3. Reset Password: Since you've already tried resetting your password, let's go through the process again to ensure it's done correctly.
    a. Visit the Microsoft password recovery page by going to https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx.
    b. Enter the email address associated with your Microsoft account and click "Next."
    c. Follow the prompts to select a verification method, such as sending a code to a backup email address or phone number.
    d. Retrieve the verification code and enter it on the password reset page.
    e. Create a new password for your Microsoft account and save the changes.
  4. Add Account on Windows Computer: After resetting your password, let's add your Microsoft account back to your Windows computer to ensure the credentials are correctly recognized.
    a. On your Windows computer, select Start > Settings > Accounts > Other users (or Other people/Family & other users in some editions).
    b. Under the "Work or school users" section, select "Add a work or school user."
    c. Enter your Microsoft account's email address, choose the account type, and click "Add."
  5. Retry Login: Now that you've added your account back to your Windows computer, attempt to log in again using your updated password.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
So you entered the same password to all devices but can`t log in Microsoft account only on a computer?


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when I go to log into microsoft it first comes up with my wifes email address. So I change the email address to mine then go to password. It comes up with invalid password
yes that is correct

Have you tried to log out from wifes account firstly?

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Have you tried from another browser?

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I would recommend to try to reset your password in order to login

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I have done that right before I called you

Ok, got you
Are you sure that you use the same password?

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Do you have Windows computer?

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Please lets add the account and check all once more.
Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Other users (in some Windows editions, it may be labeled as Other people or Family & other users). Under Work or school users, select Add a work or school user. Enter that person's user account, select the account type, and then select Add.

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so that didnt work

What do you see when followed this instruction?

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password not valid
and now i cant get on my phone or tablet

Please try to recover your password now then

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Please follow the instruction below to reset your Microsoft account password:

  1. Visit the Microsoft password recovery page: https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx
  2. Enter the email address you used to create your Microsoft account and click Next.
  3. Select which option to send the verification code to a backup email address or phone number and click Next.
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give me a sec I just changed the password and now I am trying to get into eso
Okay I got it to work
Thank you for your help

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