Updated: March 25, 2023
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I have no audio for incoming sound

That is the problem I have checked both Facebook and Zoom, On Zoom people can hear me.

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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I have no incoming audio. I have tried both Facebook and Zoom using both Edge and Chrome. On Zoom others can hear me


What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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I checked my settings on the computer. It is an HP. 21.01.14All-in-one

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Thank you for the information!
please restart the computer.

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I am back

please check the sound!

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How do I do that

what do you mean?

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What do I do to see if I can get sound from a site? I went to facebook but don't see any posts with sound at the moment

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go to Zoom app and check the sound there!

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How do I check that on Zoom

let me help you!

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Please do

Follow these steps please:

  1. After joining a meeting, click Test Speaker and Microphone.
  2. The meeting will display a pop-up window to test your speakers.
  3. If you don't hear an audio replay, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch microphones until you hear the reply.

Let me know once your are done!

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I don't have a meeting to join. When I joined one yesterday ad did the test speaker and microphone it was fine. How to I try this when I am not in a meeting

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Thank you!
Follow these steps:
1. Sign in to the Zoom client.
2. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.
keep me updated

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I am there. What do I look for? It seems to indicate that the computer audio is on

in Settings please find the test audio option!

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I am told to check support

please tell me what do you see in settings?

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The basic information. When I try to go to a meeting I can see the join with computer audio and I click on that

what happened next?

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I went to a meeting which is scheduled for later and it says I am on with my computer audio. This is what I have gotten in the past but then still no audio from others

others participants?

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The same is true for what happens if I am on Facebook and want to hear the audio in a post. It shows that the sound is on but I hear nothing. Re your question, there are no participants as the meeting is not in progress.

Thank you for the information!
did you put the volume up to the top?
on the computer!

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try to open YouTube and listen to music!

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There is still no sound. Perhaps there is a problem with the audio in my computer.

are there ant headphones connected to the computer?

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No I just got sound on youtube

Is the issue resolved now?

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I hope. Thank you I will end this session now.

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