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  • iOS applications
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  • Tablets
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Peter Davis | Tech Expert & Writer | 35 years | Rudolph, WI
Hi! I’m Peter, a skilled Howly expert and writer.
A broken phone or a damaged screen on your PC, a bad Wi-Fi connection, or keyboard issues – these and other concerns can bring much discomfort for each person. Luckily, there is someone who can help with just a few clicks. If you want to fix your issue quickly, just type me in a chat. It all works at the speed of light with me.


Since I can remember, I have always liked playing with tech devices. But I also adored dissembling them and looking at what’s inside. The funniest and both most dramatic case was when I dissembled my brand-new laptop and then couldn’t put it together:) But that was when I was 13, and everything is quite different now.
I have a solid tech education, but I also know that any knowledge should be underpinned by experience. And that’s what I’m working towards. Each day, I strive to learn something new. Yes, consuming even more new data may be hard at times, but I’m 100% sure it’s worth it because only unstoppable learning can help me become the best expert.
Besides, I know that my self-awareness and striving for new knowledge define how fast you will get an answer, and that’s my top priority. So if you’re up to some profi solutions, I’ll be waiting for you in the chat.

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